An drop pod falling to the Earth's surface.

A drop pod is a Yautja vehicle used to insert individual Predators to the surface of a planet, usually for the purpose of taking part in a hunt. Such pods allow Yautja to reach the surface of a planet quickly, often undetected, without the need for a larger Mother Ship to set down.


Drop pods are sleek, elongated black/silver capsules. Externally, the pods are covered in Yautja writing and symbols.[1] Their sole purpose is to deliver a single Predator to the surface of a planetary body.

The pods are not long-range craft and are launched from a passing Predator vessel, such as a Mother Ship or Scout Ship. Upon leaving the parent vessel, the pod will hurtle towards the surface. Before impact, three arresting fins unfurl at the rear of the pod to slow its descent, and the device is also fitted with some kind of thruster, presumably to control speed and direction. The pods are capable of impacting the surface at high speed without causing any harm to the Predator within.[1] After landing, the pod will open, releasing the Predator onto the surface.


Drop pods were used by Predators to reach Bouvet Island for the hunts carried out in 1904 and 2004. It also seems likely such a vessel was used by the Jungle Hunter to reach Guatemala in 1987.


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