A Xenomorph Drone snuck aboard the USCSS Torrens on December 11, 2137 and presumably killed the two crew members aboard the ship at the time — Captain Diane Verlaine and officer William Connor. When Amanda Ripley boarded the ship, the Drone was waiting for her. However, she opened the ship's airlock, sending both into space.


Early life[]

The Torrens Drone was a member of the Hive in the depths of Sevastopol Station started by the Drone that emerged from Catherine Foster in 2137, following her visit to the derelict on LV-426 aboard the Anesidora. The Drone emerged as a Chestburster from a Sevastopol resident who was either captured and brought to the Hive by the first Drone and then impregnated by a Facehugger or attacked by a Facehugger at some point within the station.

Hive destruction[]

When Amanda Ripley discovered the Hive, she initiated a reactor purge in an attempt to destroy it, but multiple Xenomorphs, including the Torrens Drone, managed to escape the destruction.

Aboard the Torrens[]

When Henry Marlow destroyed the Anesidora in an attempt to destroy the station and his ship to ensure humanity never came into contact with the Xenomorphs again, the station's gravity stabilizers were damaged, causing the station to begin falling into KG-348's atmosphere. Ripley contacted the USCSS Torrens and Diane Verlaine docked the ship with Sevastopol. The Drone sneaked aboard the ship during this time and presumably killed the ship's captain and owner, Verlaine, and the navigator and communications officer, William Connor, who would have likely both been on the bridge at the time.

Encounter with Ripley[]

"Verlaine? I'm on my way up to the bridge. Verlaine?"
Amanda Ripley attempting to contact Verlaine

Once the ship was free from Sevastopol, Ripley, still in her IRC Mk.50 Compression suit, boarded it and walked towards the bridge. However, when she pressed the button to open the door to the hall leading to the mess hall, the Drone was waiting behind it and began slowly approaching her. Ripley was backed into the ship's airlock and saw that her only chance of survival was to jettison her with the Drone. Unaware of Ripley's planning, the Drone went in the airlock and fell for the trap. Ripley pressed a button to open it just as the Drone was about to Headbite her, sending both in different directions in space.

The Drone's fate afterwards is unknown, as Xenomorphs have been known to survive briefly in the vacuum of space on multiple occasions. During her period of being stranded in space after the events that transpired, Amanda later glimpses at least three Drones hybernating within the collective wreckage in Sevastopol Station's immediate proximity. Any one of these could be that same drone or it could be performing a similar process somewhere else within the vicinity. However, it is also possible that it fell into KG-348's atmosphere and was burnt up during re-entry.

List of known victims[]


  • As they all use the same model, the Torrens Drone and its brethren aboard Sevastopol all look exactly alike.


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