A Xenomorph Drone born on Sevastopol Station broke into the station's communications center through a shaft from the exterior of Sevastopol on December 11th 2137 causing a brief depressurisation. It slaughtered a team of Seegson Security before leaving the area. The Drone was first sighted by Amanda Ripley on the exterior of the station, entering the communications center above the external window array.


Early life

The Seegson Comms Drone was a member of the Hive in the depths of Sevastopol Station started by the Drone that emerged from Catherine Foster in 2137, following her visit to the derelict on LV-426 aboard the Anesidora. The Drone emerged as a Chestburster from a Sevastopol resident who was either captured and brought to the Hive by the first Drone and then impregnated by a Facehugger or attacked by the latter at some point within the station.

Hive destruction

When Amanda Ripley discovered the Hive, she initiated a reactor purge in an attempt to destroy it, but multiple Xenomorphs, including the Seegson Comms Drone, managed to escape the destruction.

First sighting

Following the destruction of the Anesidora at the hands of Henry Marlow, Sevastopol's gravity stabilizers were badly damaged, and the entire station began falling into KG-348's atmosphere. Out of options, Amanda went outside the station to manually align its communications array so that she could finally contact the Torrens and request evacuation.

During her return to the station, Amanda caught a glimpse of the Drone crawling along the communications center above the external window array before disappearing from view.

The break in

Shortly afterward, Amanda arrived back at the station, removing her EVA suit and boarding an elevator back to the comms center. As the elevator ascended, Amanda reported to to Ricardo via her headset that they were leaving, but abruptly lost contact with him. The elevator then reached its destination.

Amanda then walked into the elevator processing lobby, where she observed three Seegson Security officers patrolling the operations center. At that moment, the Drone suddenly dropped from a vent overhead, resulting in a brief decompression within the control room and causing the security systems to lock down all exit routes, locking Amanda in the elevator lobby. Amanda could only watch as the three guards were all killed in short order despite their attempts to shoot the creature.

Following the initial attack, the automated security systems resolved the lock down and Amanda was freed. She was then forced to hide from the Drone as it prowled through the comms center, although it eventually gave up its search and returned to the vents. With the creature gone, Amanda safely made her way to the elevator and headed further into the lower levels of the communications facility.

The massacre continues

Upon reaching the facility's lower levels, Amanda discovered to her horror that the Drone was following her using the vents. She continued further through the comms facility, eventually reaching Ricardo, only to discover that he had been attacked and impregnated by a Facehugger. At that moment, the Drone reached Amanda, emerging from a ventilation duct on the far end of the room. Terrified, Amanda hid in a locker and held her breath until the Drone again returned to the vents.

Amanda pressed on, eventually reaching a stairwell guarded by two more guards. Before the security guards could respond to Amanda's presence, the Drone appeared and brutally murdered both of them before fleeing the scene. Amanda again continued further into the facility, eventually reaching the ground floor which was now being patrolled by a half-dozen security officers.

Before the guards could react to Amanda's presence, the Drone struck suddenly. In the ensuing chaos, all of the guards were killed despite their firepower whilst Amanda managed to slip by unnoticed, leaving Seegson Comms.

Final fate

The Drone was eventually killed when Sevastopol was destroyed after plummeted into KG-348's atmosphere, if it was not killed earlier.



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