"You ought to tell your hair-dresser — that rasta crap has been out for years!"
Schaefer, referring to a Yautja's dreadlocks (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

A Predator, clearly showing the dreadlocks on its head.

Dreadlocks, or simply dreads (also called Braids and Tresses[1]) are matted coils of hair, usually intentionally formed, on the head. They are typically associated with the Rastafarian movement. Many of the members of the Jamaican Voodoo Posse possessed dreadlocks, including King Willie.

Dreadlocks are notably among the most obvious Yautja features passed on to Predaliens, although some Predaliens have been known to lack them.

Yautja Dreadlocks

"Dreadlocks" is also the name given to the hair-like appendages found on the back and side of a Yautja's head. Despite their colloquial name, these dreadlocks are not in fact hair, but rather tendrils; while some Predators possess "eyebrows" and other coarse facial and body hair, it is made clear on several occasions that the dreadlocks on their heads are some form of fleshy growths. This is most notably seen in Predator: Strange Roux, when a Yautja's dreadlocks are partially shot off, and begin bleeding. Several adult Yautja individuals have been seen with dreadlocks of notably different lengths, such as Shaman, suggesting a natural deviation in growth. Some Ancient Predators have been seen to have gray dreadlocks, indicating the appendages lose color with age, similar to human hair. In Neonopolis, several Yautja being held by Borgia Industries for experimentation notably had their dreadlocks removed.

In Hunter's Planet, Machiko Noguchi shears off her own dreadlocks in order to escape the grip of an Alien Queen. She notes that it would make her less attractive to male hunters, suggesting the tresses to be a body part involved in attracting the opposite sex, particularly Yautja males. Longer tresses are desired and short ones are not; why this is is never explained.[2]


  • Special effects supervisor Stan Winston (who designed the creatures in Predator and Predator 2) was known to refer to the Predator dreadlocks as "quills", apparently likening them to feathers, or porcupine quills.
  • When creating the Yautja's cloaking effect in the films, the creatures' dreadlocks tend to be ignored and are simply removed from the image (quite noticeably in some cases). According to the team that worked on the first two films, this was an intentional oversight, as it would have been far too difficult to render the individual dreadlocks in the cloaked shots using the technology of the day.[3]



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