Drake[2] was a member of the United States Navy SEALs who, along with the rest of his squad, was kidnapped by the Super Predators and taken to the Game Preserve Planet in 2010.[3]

Although managing to survive on the planet for several days, Drake was eventually killed by Berserker when he lured the Super Predators into a trap in an unsuccessful attempt to kill them.[3]



Drake and his squad were stationed in Afghanistan on a mission to take out a militant safe house in the mountains. The squad assaulted the safe house and took out most of the militants. But afterward, a suicide bomber came out of the safe house, pulled the pins on his explosive vest and blew himself up amidst them. with Drake and his squad blacking out at the moment of the explosion.

They later awoke in a free fall over a jungle.[2]

Meeting Noland

Drake on the Game Preserve.

"Who in the hell are you?!"
Drake, to Noland (from Predators: Welcome to the Jungle)

After he was dropped on the Game Preserve Planet, Drake and his squad were assaulted by a Yautja hunting party that killed two of his men. Later that night, the hunters struck again, killing two more, with the last member of his squad mortally wounded by friendly fire. His comrade asked him to finish him off and Drake obliged.

Later, after he buried his friend, Drake met a man named Noland, who indicated that he had spent years on the planet being hunted.[2]

Assuming Noland was the one responsible for killing his comrades, Drake attacked the man only to be stopped by him as one of the hunters was looking for prey. Drake followed Noland back to his hideout where he had several weapons caches around. Noland fed Drake and told him how he came to the planet as prey many years ago. Drake then tried to persuade Noland to help him take the fight to the hunters with Noland declining stating he has watched many people attempt that and only end up dead. Drake then stole a shirt and a Smart Disc and attempted to take the fight to the creatures.[4]

Trapping a Hunter

Soon it started raining and Drake found shelter, but it turned out to be a giant insect's lair and he was ambushed by the current resident. Drake attempted to get the smart disk out to attack the creature but was struck by it dropping the weapon. Drake lunged for the weapon as the creature pounced on him, barely managing to gut the creature as it came down on him. He was soon found by Noland who "noticed" that Drake took his weapon and came back to retrieve the smartdisk.

Later, Drake and Noland set out to get a hunter. Drake first removed a Combistick from his comrade's body which drew the hunter. Drake then had the hunter chase him to Noland's trap and injured the creature. Drake and Noland then had the hunter bound and argued about if they were going to kill it or not. Unknown to everyone, a Predator Falcon was observing them.[5]


Sometime later Drake had the captured hunter caged and taunted it as he went out to set traps. Later, he was sleeping outdoors when he realized a hunting party was nearby. He threw a smoke grenade to reveal the hunters. He was hoping to get a clean shot at the hunting party after he set the hunter on fire. He is later surprised and cornered by the Super Predators and taunts them before he dies to get it over with.[3] His body is discovered two weeks later by another group lead by Royce with one them stating that they should bury him.[1] Judging by the wounds on the body, he was likely killed by a Plasmacaster shot.

Personality & Traits

"I'd rather die trying tomorrow than living like a bottom feeding scavenger."
Drake, to Noland (from Predators: Welcome to the Jungle)

Being a Navy SEAL, Drake could handle his own in combat. He was also friends with several of his squad mates and was devastated by their deaths. After his comrades' deaths, Drake wanted to take the fight back to the Hunters responsible, even against Noland's advice. After capturing one of the Hunters, Drake felt that the creature was more valuable to him and Noland alive, while Noland told Drake that the Hunters only care about the kill, and couldn't care less.


As a soldier Drake was equipped with nightvision goggles as well as a submachine gun for his mission. After landing, Drake lost most of his gear when he ran into Noland and nearly being ambushed by the hunters. After visiting Noland's safehouse, Drake stole a Smart Disc to defend himself out on the Game Preserve Planet, and was impressed how well it cut in combat. When his corpse was discovered by Royce and his group, he still held a empty Colt M1911 in his hands. It's possible that this was his duty weapon or obtained from Noland, though the latter is more likely since the SEALs' standard service pistol at the time of Drake's service was the 9mm SIG Sauer P226.




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