Dorian Sudler[5] was an auditor for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. In 2179, he was dispatched to the scientific research station RB-232, known as "The Cold Forge", to audit the research programs being run there. As a result, he was aboard the station when it was sabotaged by Seegson agents, and was caught up in the devastating Xenomorph outbreak that led to its destruction.

Sudler perished aboard the Cold Forge when he was impregnated with a Chestburster, dying as a result of its birth.

Events of the Cold Forge

Due to projects on the cold forge being behind schedule, Dorian Sudler is sent to evaluate the project and find out what problems are occurring. Upon arriving, he is shown around station and introduced to the projects. Dorian becomes intrigued when shown the Xenomorphs, viewing them in almost awe at their appearance and nature. During his time on the station, Dorian enters into a sexual relationship with Anne Wexler and tries to learn more about the Snatchers.

Dorian becomes curious and suspicious about Blue, who's officially sanctioned project has yet to have any results and was secretly being covered up by Elise Coto, a upper level Weyland-Yutani employee. Unaware that Blue had been secretly using the egg stores for her own personal project. Dorian informs Blue during an unannounced visit that Elise was arrested, making Blue believe he might know something.

Over the course of his stay and with events spiraling because Silversmile managed to pass the airgap and cause damage to some systems, as well later events occurring such as the release of the Snatchers, Dorian's mental health deteriorates as he becomes unhinged and more obsessed with the Xenomorphs and more willing to harm to others to the point where he eventually murders numerous personnel by directing the released Snatchers in their direction, he also personally murders Anne, Nick and Lucy.

Dorian later tries to make it to the escape pod, having kept Lucy alive until she could open the door with her code before he had murdered her. However, his unhinged mind is unable to tolerate Blue's possible survival and recklessly abandons his only chance to escape in order to have a victory over her. This would lead to his undoing and his in the midst of his assault on Blue, he is captured and impregnated by the Xenomorphs. Dorian is killed when the chestburster inside him emerges.


Dorian Sudler was immoral and highly sociopathic, always watching people just to find a weakness to exploit and having a doctor fired for no reason other than her reminding him not to smoke. After meeting the Xenomorphs, he secretly desired for them to break out and kill someone and was disappointed when it didn't happen yet. Dorian later regarded the Xenomorph within him as his legacy and believed it would be better than the others because it came from him rather than a Chimpanzee. Despite his sociopathic traits, he did have some sentiments, such as a love for painting and views, finding them genuinely beautiful. Dorian explained to Anne that he prefers to draw and paint with real tools rather than digitally as he enjoys being able to feel them, this is noted to be one of few times he has been genuine in his feelings, as he usually lies and manipulates.



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