Don Giovanni was an organized crime boss and the leader of the Mafia in Neonopolis in 2030. An elderly man, Giovanni was unable to walk and forced to use a hover-chair to move around, often pushed by his bodyguard Vinny di Angelo, and also used a respirator to aid his failing lungs. As a collector of stolen Yautja equipment, Giovanni found himself the target of the Yautja Scarface when it travelled to Neonopolis to Hunt those who had proliferated his species' equipment.

Giovanni was in his fortified compound when it was raided by the Juvenite Pack-9 gang, and was killed by Scarface when the Predator used the assault as a distraction to raid the mansion and reclaim its equipment.


Sometime before 2030, Giovanni bought a Yautja glaive online, the origins of which were a mystery. In 2030, he and his gang were targeted by the Yautja hunter Scarface. Scarface infiltrated Giovanni's shielded private island. The Predator deactivated the defense systems and broke into the mansion as the Juvenite Pack-9 gang used a stolen Ulysses android to destroy the entrance to the mansion. The Don hid in a covered hallway and tried to open a sealed door as a battle raged between Giovanni's mafia and the Pack-9. Scarface stole the glaive and found Giovanni beating on the door. Scarface wasted no time and ruthlessly killed the mafia leader.


  • Scarface's killing of Giovanni does not seem to fit in with Yautja Honor Code — he was an old and sickly man, and he made no attempt to attack Scarface whatsoever. Moreover, he was not using or proliferating Yautja technology, but apparently merely collected a few items out of curiosity and simply displayed them in his mansion as artifacts. As such, Scarface's slaughter of him could be considered somewhat excessive.
  • Don Giovanni's name might be inspired by the Italian opera, Il dissoluto punito, ossia il Don Giovanni. Fittingly enough, opera music plays in the level where Giovanni is killed.



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