Wolf using the Dissolving Liquid.

The Dissolving Liquid[1] was a highly potent, corrosive blue chemical used by Yautja which dissolved any piece of organic material it was placed on, including Xenomorph carcasses, and turned it into a "pile of goop".[1] Dissolving Liquid was notably used by Wolf in Gunnison, Colorado in 2004 used to eliminate evidence of Xenomorphs. Wolf kept his Dissolving Liquid in small brown vials.[2]

Although seemingly not its designed purpose, Dissolving Liquid could also be used as a weapon in a desperate situation. The substance reacted violently with water, and a small amount of the solvent could vaporize large quantities of water and any other material in it.[2] Notably, the Liquid was also able to kill and dissolve live Xenomorphs, despite the creature's resistance to its own highly corrosive blood.[2]


  • One piece of concept art shows a different design for the vial, and a different concept of the solvent itself: rather than being 1 solution, it is 4 separate liquids that are mixed together (and sprayed in a manner similar to a sprinkler) to achieve the dissolving effect. This same piece of art also showcases dissolving grenades (which were ultimately not used).




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