Dina Perkins was a mercenary and a member of Manning's private military team. In 2497, Manning's team was hired by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation for a mission to New Galveston, the intention being to capture a live Xenomorph speciment for the company to study. The operation suffered massive casualties, although the few survivors did successfully capture several viable specimens.

Perkins, Cho and Piotrowicz get into a battle with the Xenomorphs and are subsequently captured. After regaining conscious, Perkins is informed by Piotrowicz that they both have been impregnated by facehuggers and currently one such parasite is now on Cho. Perkins is killed after she commits suicide via grenade, the blast killing Piotrowicz and Cho.


Like Adams, Perkins was one of the more pleasant members of the mercenary group, as she feels sympathy for Dr. Silas and Colleen, although she tries to deny it. Perkins was close to "Petey" piotrowicz and was in a sexual relationship with Anderson.

Audio version

Perkin's fate is slightly different in the audio version, while it is essentially the same, it takes place later than in the book and is broken into two parts, in the first Perkins is yet to be impregnated although Petey already is, Perkins converses with Lucas Rand and witnesses him being impregnated by a facehugger, calling it karma for what the latter did to Decker. The second part follows more closely to the book and the grenade also causes some nuclear power cells to explode, causing a nuclear explosion. In the book, it is Rollins who causes the nuclear explosion by order an orbital strike.


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