Delaria was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was part of a 31 marine platoon under the command of Captain Paget, aboard the combat ship Hasdrubal that landed on the planet Tartarus, kick-starting a massive series of events that led to an all out battle for survival against the Yautja species, Xenomorph organisms and the godlike Engineers.


Delaria was part of Sergeant Roth's squad when landing on Tartaturs. After coming across a large ruin of a tractor unit, Delaria and the rest of the squad suddenly encounter lone survivor Laurence Goode, a Seegson asset-stripper who warns the marines that they never should have come to the planet.

After the squad regroup at a recently discovered Seegson excavation site, Captain Paget orders Roth and his squad to search for any remaining asset-strippers. Roth tells Delaria to sweep the right. In Delaria's absence, the squad is suddenly ambushed by a clan of Yautja. Delaria caught up in the aftermath when the marines were able to drive the Predators back.

Plan to secure the derelict

After the deduction that the Predators are protecting the derelict in hopes of uncovering its secrets for themselves, Delaria alongside Paget and other marines, plan to sweep the forest using M314 Motion Trackers to flush out the hunters and approach the derelict on foot whilst Roth and his squad fly over to the ship and secure it. Delaria and the others suddenly become ambushed by a large number of Predators, whilst Roth's squad eventually manages to get inside the interior of the derelict, with Singer managing he can get the ship operational. A deadly and high-ranked Yautja, the Cracked Tusk Predator, orders the remaining Yautja to retreat to the derelict to stop the marines. They eventually manage to kill Cracked Tusk and get the derelict flying, with Singer intending send it to the nearest USCM facility, Ganymede station.

Back at the Hasdrubal


Delaria determining the derelict's coordinates.

With the marines having returned to the Hasdrubal as Roth's group were stranded on the derelict, Delaria is manning a terminal in the flight deck as Paget and Lorimer discuss matters. The derelict suddenly begins moving and Delaria gets Paget's attention, realizing that the ship is not flying in the direction of Ganymede stations whereabouts. Paget orders they follow the ship.


Delaria having to stay aboard the ship.

It is later revealed that the derelict had set coordinates to the moon LV-223 and had landed there. Delaria, stayed aboard the ship as Paget and Ancane were able to recover the surviving marines in the aftermath of a Xenomorph attack. In a bid, to bring back LV-223 survivor Chris who had been captured by the Aliens, Paget devises a rescue mission, requiring Delaria to stay aboard the Hasdrubal, much to Delaria's annoyance.

A few hours later, Delaria attempts to contact the drop squad on the moon, but to no success. Delaria tells Lorimer that although a recovery mission may be necessary, Paget gave him direct orders not to do so without her expressed authority, otherwise they risk the Hasdrubal. This dissapoints Lorimer, who suggests that they could be in trouble, Delaria replies that he doesn't "give a shit" about the marines, and only for the Xenotech located on the moon; he'll do anything that Paget tells him to do, even if that be leaving them behind.


Delaria's corpse.


Later, after a huge battle against the Xenomorphs and a relentless Engineer, Paget attempts to contact Delaria for evac, to no response. It is revealed that the Tartatus Predator clan had boarded the Hasdrubal and slaughtered all the remaining marines aboard. After killing Lorimer, the clan leader throws Lorimers head against a corpse with Delaria's nametag on it.


  • Odly, there seems to be an inconsistency with Delaria's facial design thorughout the comics, most prominently in Aliens: Life and Death #2. Although generally depicted as having feminine facial features, other panels depict him as far more masculine.



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