Dean was the First Officer of the Nova Maru and the only Synthetic aboard the ship. She survived the initial crash on planet PCW9512 and, along with Selkirk, battled the Xenomorphs in an attempt to reach the Maru's escape pods. Dean was later deactivated by Selkirk after he found out she was a Synthetic.


Dean was stationed on the Nova Maru due to the danger of the Xenomorph cargo the ship was carrying. After the hold was breached and the ship's captain, Foss, took Selkirk, she, along with the others, tried to land the ship. Dean was the only one to successfully escape. Eventually, she met up with Selkirk, giving him water. The two decided upon heading back to the Maru's escape pods so they could leave the planet, fighting many Xenomorphs along the way. Whilst letting her guard down to speak with a now-insane Selkirk, Dean was severely damaged by a Xenomorph. Once Selkirk came across her mutilated body he realized she was a Synthetic, and she revealed to him the truth of the cargo aboard the Maru: that it was holding Xenomorphs all along. Once she was finished Selkirk, feeling betrayed, shot her in the head.

Personality & Traits

Dean was a very straight-faced individual who believed her mission was key. When she was around her crew she was very personable and caring. It wasn't until her damaged body had been discovered by Selkirk that her true intentions were revealed.


Dean was equipped with a standard-issue, pump-action shotgun capable of penetrating the Maru's Demons' hide.



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