"W-Wait, Dean, those...those demons. Why did the Maru bring them here? What --
Company business, Selkirk. You don't need to know. Let's just concentrate on getting out of here.
Selkirk and Dean (from Aliens: Salvation)

Dean was a synthetic employee of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and First Officer aboard the space freighter Nova Maru. She and the crew were assigned to transport mysterious cargo to the planet PCW9512, the contents of which were classified to the other members. The cargo was revealed to be Xenomorph creatures, and following an outbreak, which saw their captain abandon the crew and take the cook Selkirk hostage, Dean was forced to pilot the Maru in an emergency landing. Ultimately, she was the sole-survivor of the crash, and she subsequently reunited with Selkirk in an attempt to escape the planet using the Maru's shuttle.

Dean's synthetic nature was unknown to the rest of the crew; in reality, she was revealed to be a Synthetic sleeper agent assigned by the company to assure the supply-run went smoothly. She was ultimately destroyed by Selkirk after she revealed the company's motivations with the planet and the creatures.


Outbreak aboard the Maru[]

"The Maru. You landed it...alone?!
Yes. Took some time, but I know a few emergency routines...Computer got us down in one piece, more or less.
Selkirk and Dean (from Aliens: Salvation)

Dean served as First Officer aboard the Nova Maru, then assigned on a supply-run by the Weyland Yutani Corporation to transport Xenomorph cargo to the planet PCW9512. Dean was with the crew in the ships kitchen when suddenly an alarm sounded, citing that Hold Four had been breached. Ship captain Foss, suddenly barged into the room, heavily maimed. Delirious, he killed crewmember Stutz. Though Dean tried to get the captain to compose himself, he took Selkirk as hostage and then jettisoned them both out of the ship, abandoning the Dean and the others.

Dean was ultimately able to conduct an emergency landing onto PCW9512, though she became the sole-survivor of the group, either before, during or after the crash.

Reuniting with Selkirk[]

"C'mon Selkirk...Plenty of time for praying once we get off of this world"
Dean to Selkirk (from Aliens: Salvation)

Dean and Selkirk.

After an indeterminate period of time, Dean eventually encountered an incredibly dishevelled Selkirk, who was forced to kill and subsequently cannibalize Foss. Initially perceived to be an angel by Selkirk, Dean gave him water and the two subsequently sought a way off the planet.

As the two traversed further into the jungle, they encountered a family of ape-like natives fleeing from a Xenomorph, who pounced on one and killed it. Though Dean wished to be discreet, Selkirk suffered from a panic-attack, diverting the creature's attention towards the two. Suddenly, the jungle came alive and the two are surrounded by Xenos. Forced to retreat whilst firing their weapons at all angles, Dean and Selkirk jump off a waterfall and manage to successfully sway the creatures. Though Selkirk constantly questioned the meaning behind the Maru carrying such dangerous cargo, Dean remained evasive.

Reaching the shuttle[]


Selkirk discovered that Dean was an android, to his horror.

Dean and Selkirk returned to the ruins, where she detailed that the Marus' shuttle was still functionable, and in order for the two to get there, she detonated one of the ships liquid oxygen tanks as a diversion. The two made for the shuttle, but in the chaos, Selkirk began to panic and lost Dean, before subsequently toppling into the depths of the ship. Dean was ultimately attacked by the Xenomorphs and was gravely wounded, though she ultimately survived, making her way to the shuttle.


"Pull your...self together, Selk...irk. This...planet...microbes...toxins. Con...fusing you...Now...Patch me...Up...Valuable property...You're still...Company employee...May mean a...a bonus for...you..."
Dean to Selkirk (from Aliens: Salvation)

Dean is killed by Selkirk.

Selkirk also managed to survive and reached the shuttle, though to his horror he discovered that she was a synthetic, her circulatory fluid leaking everywhere. Dean requests that Selkirk stop her leaking, lest she deactivates. Selkirk held her arm, stopping the flow, and then forced her to reveal that she and Foss were assigned by the Company to transport Xenomorph cargo to PCW9512 so they could use the indigenous species there as reserve subjects - she only saved Selkirk to nullify the chance of the Maru being claimed as salvage, but begged for him to patch her up, ensuring that it could mean a bonus for him if the two survived. Enraged, Selkirk released her arm and opens fire at her, killing her.

Personality & Traits[]

Dean was initially perceived to be a caring and straight-faced woman, not only attempting to get the captain to compose himself following his breakdown, but also doing everything in her power to ensure Selkirk's survival.

However, it wasn't until Selkirk discovered her synthetic nature that her true intentions were revealed; Dean was revealed to be a cold and elitist android, who upheld company directives and considered other priorities secondary. She ultimately did not care for her crewmates' safety, and only helped Selkirk for Wey-Yu's sake. As such, her duplicitous nature holds several similarities with fellow Synthetic sleeper agent, Ash.


Dean was equipped with a standard-issue, pump-action shotgun during her survival on the planet.