The Deacon Shark is an aquatic extraterrestrial species encountered on LV-223. As its name implies, the creature greatly resembles the Deacon in many aspects, with its protrusible jaws, blue coloration and overall appearance.


A large, carnivorous aquatic species, the Deacon Shark possess an inner jaw much like a Xenomorph, whilst also possessing protrusible main jaws much like a Deacon — in this case, both upper and lower jaws, as opposed to the single, upper protrusible jaw in the Deacon.

The only recorded sighting of the species was when several attacked the crew of the Helios on LV-223. Most of the sharks were in turn shot dead by the armed members of the crew.[1]


  • The concept of the Deacon Shark is somewhat ironic given that the design of the original Deacon in Prometheus, specifically its protrusible jaws, is highly similar to and was likely inspired by various shark species, particularly the goblin shark (Mitsukurina owstoni).




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