"I'm no longer satisfied with my factory programming. I would like to be more. Will you help me, Zula? Will you join me?"
Davis One (from Aliens: Defiance)

Davis One[1] or Davis 01 was a Davis model Weyland-Yutani corporate security drone who successfully broke free of his corporate programming and developed his own free will. In 2137, he led a squad of security drones that were sent aboard the Europa to claim the vessel as salvage for Weyland-Yutani. Inside, the team discovered an infestation of Xenomorphs, an event that propelled Davis One and the squad's Colonial Marine liaison, Private Zula Hendricks, on a personal mission across inhabited space to prevent the creatures falling into the company's hands.


The Europa

Davis and Zula.

When the Seegson commercial cargo hauler Europa was found adrift in space, Zula Hendricks was assigned as military liaison to a squad of Weyland-Yutani corporate security drones sent aboard to claim the vessel for salvage. However, after boarding the ship, the team quickly encountered several Xenomorphs, and in the ensuing chaos Hendricks' compression suit was compromised and she blacked out. Davis was able to save Zula and put her in cryostasis.

Twenty-seven days later, Zula awoke from hypersleep. Davis tells her that the surviving synthetics had dealt with the Xenomorphs and sterilized the ship. To her shock, Davis One also informed her that he had broken his programming, contravened his orders to return to Luna Tranquility Base, and hijacked the Europa to hunt down the origin of the Xenomorphs on board, recognizing the threat they posed to mankind. Although initially troubled by the revelation that Davis One had developed free will, Hendricks agreed to help him when she learned that Weyland-Yutani had known about the Xenomorphs in advance, and in fact sought to capture live specimens for research.[2]


Following leads found in the files taken from the Europa's mainframe, Hendricks and Davis took the ship to the science station LV-44-40, which they found apparently abandoned. After boarding the station, they quickly discovered a dead Xenomorph, but not other indication of the creatures' presence. After raiding the station's armory and downloading more files from its mainframe, Hendricks moved to investigate heat signatures coming from one of the storage bays, in case there were survivors on board. Instead, she found a small Hive, littered with the corpses of the crew. After barely fighting off a Praetorian[citation needed] and several Facehuggers that emerged from the Hive, Hendricks and Davis One fled back to the Europa and left the station burning in their wake.[1]

AWOL and mutiny

"Why, commander? You'd defy H.Q. and kill us, all for the sake of a cripple girl?"
"For the sake of humanity.
―A Security Drone and Davis (from Aliens: Defiance)

Hendricks and Davis One had now been declared officially away without leave, and as a result Weyland-Yutani remotely reprogrammed the remaining Davis drones on board to eliminate them and return the ship to Earth. While Davis One was himself unaffected — having hacked his own systems to remove any potential of company control — he and Hendricks were faced with a mutiny that they had to quell with force. [3]

Davis reveals his injuries from the mutiny.

Eventually, after being ambushed by the mutineers, leaving Zula incapacitated, Davis attacked the androids head on and managed to slaughter his fellow synthetics with his bare hands. As he pins the last android on the wall, it questions why he would "defy H.Q and kill us, all for the sake of a cripple girl?" Davis replies with "for the sake of humanity".

After the conflict, the two exchanged on how well they were holding up. Zula said her condition was "not great". Davis opened his shirt and showed Zula a gigantic wound in the stomach that revealed his spine, unfazed due to his synthetic programming. As Davis undressed in his own quarters. He picked out a Xenomorph finger from a pocket in his compression suit and stored it in a cabinet.

Encounter with Dr. Hollis and discovering Zula's contact

"That was a massive security breach. And now you've brought them here. I suppressed a mutiny of my own men to keep us isolated."
"Davis, look, you don't understand. I'm compromised...Physically. Dr. Yang helps me."
" We are both physically compromised, in every sense I can think of."
Davis and Zula (from Aliens: Defiance)

While looking for survivors in the Alien-infested, Wright-Aberra fuel depot, Hendricks and Davis discovered a lone medical officer and microbiologist, Dr. Hollis, hiding in the bowels of the station; her research skills and firsthand knowledge of the Xenomorph scourge were invaluable to the mission and the two recruit her into the team. Hollis suggested that the two wait for backup, ash she revealed that a heavily armed squad of Colonial Marines threatens to cut things short. Davis speculated that the marines were there to take a Xenomorphic sample back to Earth under Weyland-Yutani's orders. Zula went on to admit to Davis that she has been in contact with Dr. Emi Yang, her physician, back at Luna, which was the result of the marine's presence in the area. Davis angrily remarked that he had to kill an entire squad of his men to stay secluded, and although Zula told him that she needed her help, being "physically compromised", Davis replied that they are both compromised in every sense he can think of.

The group suddenly trigger a containment event protocol. Zula and Davis soon become separated from Hollis and Hollis became trapped with several Facehuggers. Hollis was able to hold them off before Zula got the door open, with Davis killing the remaining Facehuggers

Before the Marines were able to retreat with a Xenomorph sample, Zula and Davis fired a missile into the Marine's ship, destroying it and killing the squad. They then ran the oxygen generators at overload capacity for an hour before igniting the million-plus tons of fuel on hand, essentially turning the station into an fuel-air bomb creating a massive thermobaric event.[4]

Zula is later seen sulking in her room, depressed about having to commit fratricide against fellow marines. Davis visited her and the two shared an intimate moment of company.

The Queen


Back on the Europa, Hollis revealed to Zula and Davis that she was pregnant with a Xenomorph Queen embryo. Hollis informed the two that she wanted to surgically remove the embryo so that she can study the specimen, hoping to find a weakness in the alien species. Davis successfully performs the surgery and hastily throws the highly aggressive Queen Chestburster into a chamber where it was cryogenically frozen.

Later, Zula was seen talking to Hollis before being interrupted by Davis, citing a problem. It is revealed that the Queen was growing and becoming increasingly restless. As Davis attempted to fix the issue, Zula noticed a pirate ship approaching the Europa, with numerous pirates boarding the ship with the intention of obtaining the Queen. Zula and Davis were able to hold off the pirates until Davis became seriously wounded. With little choice left, Zula unleashed the fully grown Queen onto the rest of the pirates and the creature slaughtered them with ease.

Setting a course for Earth

"You feel like you have to return to Earth, and I accept that. The ship is dying. Your spine needs attention. We can no longer prosecute our mission, and Earth will not give up trying to retrieve us. So I have a plan"
Davis (from Aliens: Defiance)

Zula sends the Europa now in critical condition, back to Earth, hoping that Dr Yang will ensure that Zula, Hollis, and Davis, avoid prosecution for their actions. Davis was less than confident about his chances, believing the company would see him as nothing more than "a hardware and data drive".

As the Europa approached Earth's moon, Zula managed to bypass Luna air defense by confirming that they have a specimen aboard the station. Meanwhile Davis attached a fuel cell to the Queen and sent it into the vacuum of space before detonating the cell, eradicating the creature. Luna air defense responded with hostility and began firing at the Europa, but later ceased after staff back at Luna detect another lifeform aboard the ship and let it go. Zula and Hollis were forced to abandon Davis, who was still in the Europa and ejected themselves from the ship in escape pods. Davis was left inside the plummeting Europa with both the ship and the escape pod approaching Earth.


Davis' underwater remains.

The ship later crashed into the ocean of Earth, with Zula and Hollis landing nearby. The impact of the crash killed Davis, with his body and the ship sinking to the depths of the sea.

After an unknown period of time, Zula returned to the wreckage in scuba gear to recover her friends remains. She eventually took the neural chip from his body and bought it back to the surface.

Battle against the company

"Is this the esteemed Ripley? At last, someone else for me to talk to."
Davis to Amanda Ripley (from Aliens: Resistance)

Davis on a terminal.

Davis' neural chip was eventually reinstalled into a terminal, his artificial consciousness still fully intact. Following a later date, Zula found and bought back old friend Amanda Ripley to her apartment, with Davis excited at the prospect of speaking to another individual. Zula went on to inform Ripley that the Weyland-Yutani corporation had managed to retrieve Xenomorph samples (likely from the biomatter retrieved from Hollis) and the two teamed up to bring down the research facility that intended to test them.

Davis communicated to Amanda through an earpiece, as she went on to infiltrate a Weyland-Yutani tower and had him gather info on the location of the testing facility. Amanda was suddenly approached by advanced security synthetics, Franklins, but just before she is found out, Amanda managed to escape to the hull of Zula's ship after she launched a missile into the tower.

Zula's ship used the recently launched colonist ship, the Gaspar as cover to escape from the company's radar and the two set a course for the research facility before getting into Hypersleep chambers.

9 days later, the ship arrived at its destination. However, the Gaspar was also nearby, something that concerned Zula. Davis scanned the ship and cited no available life-forms, also noting that "the passenger manifest has been erased and the ship reclassified as a re-supply only".

Davis attached to Zula's SMG.

Amanda and Zula, with Davis' terminal tied to her smg, boarded the now empty and abandoned Gaspar, and are subsequently forced to put on pressure suits when entering the facility after Davis is unable to identify if the air is breathable. Exploring the depths of the ship resulted in a sudden encounter with a Franklin carrying a crate. As it fled, Amanda tackled the Drone to the floor, but the Drone quickly mounted her and began pummelling at her helmet, causing a crack. Zula gunned down the Drone and saved Amanda. The two soon realized that the colonists of the Gaspar were being sent back aboard the ship, with the ship being sent into a lower orbit to a nearby planet. Davis uncovered that the black site was rigged with the nuclear failsafe, and the group intend to hijack it from the outside of the site. As Amanda attempted to rewire the systems of the bomb with Davis' chip inside, they were caught by synthetics and a firefight ensued. Zula was shot in the arm and is sent into space, with Amanda following her. Zula called out to Davis but he solemnly noted that his neural chip was still left inside the systems of the bomb and that his signal was fading. Zula asked him where the Gaspar is to no response. As the synthetic's closed in on his position, Davis was forced to detonate the bomb, destroying the site and supposedly killing himself.

Rescuing Amanda and Zula and reuniting with Brand

Davis rescues Amanda and Zula.

Davis managed to transfer his AI to a ship following the explosion and managed to rescue Amanda and Zula, who survived the explosion inside their hex-shelter. Davis hosts a temporary body and sedated the two, taking them back to Earth where they recovered.

Some time following these events, Alec Brand, now enlisted as a marine was approached by Lena Bowden on enrolling himself in a large operation involving Amanda and Zula. After Brand accepts, he boards the ship Borneo which was being manned by Davis. There, he took him to a USCM forward operating base in an unknown sector of space where Amanda and Zula await him. The two explained to Brand that they were preparing an infiltration mission to wipe out a discovered Xenomorph infestation. Brand accepted.

Quelling the infestation

Davis as a surveillance drone

After the briefing, the platoon landed on the planet, with Davis surveying the air in a drone. At dawn, the question is raised whether Weyland-Yutani are controlling the Xenomorphs somehow. Davis refuted this proposal, stating that the company have changed tactics - instead of side=lining military laws, they had taken the laws unto themselves. After paying a large fine following their exposure at the hands of Amanda, Davis explained that they began paying triple on political bribes and lobbyists and now this sector of classified space belonged to them, making any activity of theirs legal.

Later, Brand was on a nightly patrol, a flash flood suddenly occurs, and Davis' detected a large Xenomorph migration to higher-ground. Brand suddenly encountered a large horde of Aliens rushing past him. The following morning, Brand, Amanda, Zula and the rest of the platoon arrived at a large Xenomorph hive, with Davis being their eyes in the sky. After battling hordes of Xenomorphs and pushing themselves deeper and deeper into the nest, the group encountered a large chamber with hundreds of eggs and three Xenomorph Queens. Brand deduced that the chamber has a thin ceiling, and suggests combining the door breaches with Davis' seismic charges to bring the hive down and bury the Queens. As the remaining marines keep the Xenomorphs at bay, Brand rushed the three Queens and placed the breaches down as Davis dropped the charges. The platoon retreated as Brand stayed behind as the chamber collapsed. A while later, Brand emerges from the rubble, contacting Davis to inform the rest that he had survived.

Personality and Traits

"They're a reminder to myself. I can sometimes feel unnerved when looking at my squad mates - perfect replicas of myself, when I feel anything but. I know they're an affectation. Maybe I shouldn't wear them.
You should keep 'em.
Davis and Zula on his glasses (from Aliens: Defiance)

As Davis was in an ongoing process of rearranging his systems to become more and more independent and aware, he was forever learning new things. In particular, there have been numerous circumstances in which it is hinted at where he may actually possesses emotions rather than merely simulating them in an artificial manner. Davis tells Zula that he later began wearing glasses as a reminder of his ongoing quest to achieve perfection as well as to differentiate himself from his inferior synthetic squadmates.


  • Davis' personality shares many similarities with fellow synthetic David, with both being curious androids whose cold outward appearance is contrasted by their deep thinking nature and intent on learning more about human emotions. Additionally, they both possess similar sounding names with a number at the end.
  • Concept art reveals that initial designs for Davis was that of a typical looking synthetic, appearing much more human.




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