Dark Horse Presents: Aliens is a trade paperback comic book that was first published by Dark Horse Comics in April 1992. It collects all of the Aliens short stories published up until that point in the company's premier anthology series Dark Horse Presents. The issue featured colored versions of these stories for the first time. It was colored by Rachelle Menashe and Chris Chalenor, and edited by Randy Stradley and Barbara Kesel, with cover art by Simon Bisley. The comic was simultaneously published in both a regular format and as a prestige "Platinum Edition".

In the Aliens comics line, Dark Horse Presents: Aliens was preceded by Aliens: Genocide, published concurrently with Aliens: Harvest and Aliens: Tribes, and was followed by Alien3: Alone.

Publisher's Summary

It's the greatest single-issue blow-out of all time! Dark Horse Comics cordially invites you to a 112-page birthday bash celebrating this critically-acclaimed title's fifth anniversary and presenting brand new stories written and illustrated by many of the absolute top talents in the comics industry. get ready for some exciting, all-new tales, including... Aliens by John (Terminator) Arcudi and Simon (Lobo) Bisley...

All of the stand-alone stories from the past issues of Dark Horse Presents in one volume, and in color for the first time! This package includes stories by Mark Verheiden and Mark A. Nelson (DHP #24), Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan (DHP # 42-43), John Arcudi and Simon Bisley (DHP 5th Anniversary Special), and Arcudi, Guinan and Tony Akins (DHP #56). This volume is colored by Rachelle Menashe and Chris Chalenor. All wrapped up in a stunning new cover painting by Simon Bisley.

Stories Included

Reprint History

In September 1993, the entirety of the trade paperback was included in The Compleat Aliens, a deluxe limited edition hardcover which for the first time collected all of the early Dark Horse Aliens comics into a single volume, including Aliens: Book One, Aliens: Book Two, Aliens: Earth War and Dark Horse Presents: Aliens. This slipcovered edition was Smythe-sewn and featured a foil-stamped, bonded-leather binding with specially printed end papers, and included a gallery featuring many of the collections' original covers as well as a signature page signed by many of the creators and featuring new Aliens art from the artists who worked on the original comics. The release was edited by Kij Johnson and limited to only 500 copies.

Behind the Scenes

Artist Simon Bisley was acclaimed in England/Europe for his rough-edged Frank Frazetta style painted artwork on such titles as Judge Dredd, Slaine and Heavy Metal. In America he grew to fame as the artist on a number of Lobo miniseries for DC Comics.

The issue's editor and contributing writer Randy Stradley was one of the founders of Dark Horse Comics and the writer of the original Aliens vs. Predator comics series in 1989-1990.


Alternate covers

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