Dark Horse Insider is a three-volume promotional "newspaper" that was published by Dark Horse Comics from August 1989-August 1997.

The publication was given away for free (bundles of 100 copies were sold to retailers for just $5[1]) and served mainly as a means for Dark Horse to promote its new comics; the magazine regularly featured short preview extracts of upcoming titles, as well as news and info on new releases. The magazine also featured a handful of original comic stories in serialized form throughout its run, consisting of brief, one- or two-page episodes in each issue; these included Aliens and Aliens vs. Predator stories.[1]


Dark Horse Insider began as a simple eight-page, black and white monthly newsletter featuring news and previews of future material from Dark Horse Comics. However, starting with Volume 2, the publication expanded into a comic-sized, 32-page "newspaper" format with full color cover artwork (although the interior remained black and white).[1] Covers were typically recycled from existing comics, often issues that were being promoted in the newspaper and would be released the same month, although a handful of issues featured brand new cover artwork. Much like Dark Horse International's Aliens magazine in the United Kingdom, the publication also expanded its scope to include exclusive content beyond simply comic book news and previews, such as interviews with comics creators, a regular "Photo Finish" photograph section (begun in Vol. 2 #19), a letter column known as "The Horse's Mouth" (begun in Vol. 2 #24), and other exclusive insider information. Despite the significant expansion, the publication was still made available for free.[1] With Volume 2 issue 27, the magazine expanded in size once again, this time to 48 pages, before returning to the 32-page format towards the end of Volume 2's run.

Following the conclusion of the comic short story Aliens vs. Predator 2 in Volume 2 issue 14, Aliens, Predator and Aliens vs. Predator content in Dark Horse Insider was limited to previews and other related news. Volume 2 of Dark Horse Insider itself continued until issue 48, and included exclusive stories for Star Wars, The Mask and The Dirty Pair.[1] There was also a Volume 3 of Dark Horse Insider, which lasted for 20 issues, although these consisted simply of a folded promotional poster with some release information printed on the back and contained no original comic stories.[1]


Note that only Aliens, Predator and Aliens vs. Predator content is listed below. The publication also contained numerous other comic book stories and previews, but these have been omitted as they are irrelevant to the franchise.

Volume 1[]

DH Insider 1-1
Issue 1 (Jul 1989)
DH Insider 1-3
Issue 3 (Sept 1989)
DH Insider 1-8
Issue 8 (Mar 1990)
DH Insider 1-11
Issue 11 (Jun 1990)
DH Insider 1-14
Issue 14 (Sept 1990)
DH Insider 1-15
Issue 15 (Oct 1990)
DH Insider 1-16
Issue 16 (Nov 1990)
DH Insider 1-17
Issue 17 (Dec 1990)
DH Insider 1-18
Issue 18 (Jan 1991)
DH Insider 1-19
Issue 19 (Feb 1991)
DH Insider 1-20
Issue 20 (Mar 1991)
DH Insider 1-21
Issue 21 (Apr 1991)
DH Insider 1-22
Issue 22 (May 1991)
DH Insider 1-23
Issue 23 (June 1991)
DH Insider 1-24
Issue 24 (July 1991)
DH Insider 1-25
Issue 25 (Aug 1991)
DH Insider 1-26
Issue 26 (Sept 1991)
DH Insider 1-27
Issue 27 (Oct 1991)
DH Insider 1-28
Issue 28 (Nov 1991)

Volume 2[]

DH Insider 2-1
Issue 1 (Jan 1992)
DH Insider 2-2
Issue 2 (Feb 1992)
DH Insider 2-3
Issue 3 (Mar 1992)
DH Insider 2-4
Issue 4 (Apr 1992)
DH Insider 2-5
Issue 5 (May 1992)
DH Insider 2-6
Issue 6 (June 1992)
DH Insider 2-7
Issue 7 (July 1992)
DH Insider 2-8
Issue 8 (Aug 1992)
DH Insider 2-9
Issue 9 (Sept 1992)
DH Insider 2-10
Issue 10 (Oct 1992)
DH Insider 2-11
Issue 11 (Nov 1992)
DH Insider 2-12
Issue 12 (Dec 1992)
DH Insider 2-13
Issue 13 (Jan 1993)
DH Insider 2-14
Issue 14 (Feb 1993)
DH Insider 2-16
Issue 16 (Apr 1993)
DH Insider 2-17
Issue 17 (May 1993)
DH Insider 2-40
Issue 40 (Apr 1995)
DH Insider 2-41
Issue 41 (May 1995)
  • Interview with Superman vs. Aliens artist Dan Jurgens
  • Cover art: Superman vs. Aliens cover by Dan Jurgens and Kevin Nowlan