The Dark Blade Clan is a Yautja clan who were indirectly responsible for the distribution of Yautja technology throughout Earth. One notable member of their clan was the hunter Scarface.


The clan was known for their advanced technology, far superior to the weaponry of the other clans. Their armor and weapons all followed the same design, black with red lights decorating them. However, Scarface's armor was a notable exception, following his own design. Other members of the Dark Blade clan were the rogue Bad Blood warriors Long Spear, Swift Knife, and Stone Heart, who were defeated and brainwashed by Borgia Industries. However, they were all given honorable deaths by their clan brother, Scarface.

The Dark Blade Clan seems to be a highly powerful clan among the Yautja, as they have personal variants of weapons, including their own versions of the Maul, Glaive, Combistick, Wristblades, Smart Disc, Plasmacaster, armor, and Bio-Mask. The Dark Blade Clan's personal variants of these weapons are top of the line, such as extremely large Wristblades, a Smart Disc whose targeting matrix can store up to 4 targets, and a Glaive with monstrous plasma-forged blades for unparalleled cutting power. The Dark Blade Clan is also full of very capable warriors; a single Yautja was able to survive 100 years on a dangerous planet with just a Glaive and his Wristblades to protect himself, and then reverse the fate of the stolen Yautja technology on earth and survive impossible odds- and he wasn't even the head of the clan.

The Dark Blade Clan is possibly an Elite clan full of very powerful hunters, who they equip with their own, extremely powerful variants of the usual Yautja weaponry. They also have their own armor and mask type, though these are shown to be cosmetic and no more effective than the average armor.

Behind the Scenes

Dark Blade armor is a playable costume that can be unlocked by the player as a bonus objective in the game Predator: Concrete Jungle. Notable features to the armor include glowing yellow eyes, visible in camouflage. The unmasked face of the armor features black and blue marks, possibly burns or bruises.