Daniel Lebern "Danny" Glover (born July 22, 1946) is an American actor, director, producer, writer and political activist who played Harrigan in the 1990 film Predator 2. He is perhaps best-known for his role as Detective Sergeant Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon series (1987-1998). Other notable films Glover has appeared in include Escape from Alcatraz (1979), The Color Purple (1985), Maverick (1994) and the Saw film series (2004-2008). Aside from his work in film, Glover has had an extensive career in television.

Glover has been nominated for four Emmys. He is an active supporter of various humanitarian and political causes.


Year Title Notes
1979 Escape from Alcatraz
1981 Chu Chu and the Philly Flash
1982 Out
1984 Iceman
Places in the Heart
1985 Silverado
Witness With Richard Chaves and Sylvia Kauders
The Stand-In
The Color Purple With Laurence Fishburne
1987 Lethal Weapon With Gary Busey, Steve Kahan and Sven-Ole Thorsen
1988 Bat*21
1989 Lethal Weaon 2 With Steve Boyum, Lionel Douglass, Jenette Goldstein, Steve Kahan, Mark Rolston and Pat Skipper
1990 To Sleep with Anger
Predator 2
1991 Flight of the Intruder
Pure Luck With Lionel Douglass
A Rage in Harlem With Henry Kingi, directed by Bill Duke
Grand Canyon With Lionel Douglass
1992 Lethal Weapon 3 With Steve Boyum, Steve Kahan, Henry Kingi and Sven-Ole Thorsen
1994 Bopha!
The Saint of Fort Washington
1994 Maverick Uncredited; with Dan Hedaya and Steve Kahan
Angels in the Outfield With Adrien Brody and Lionel Douglass
1995 Operation Dumbo Drop With Lionel Douglass
1996 Harriet the Spy Uncredited
1997 Gone Fishin' With William H. Burton, Jr.
Wild America Uncredited
Switchback With Lionel Douglass and Walton Goggins
The Rainmaker Uncredited
1998 Lethal Weapon 4 With Lionel Douglass, Steve Kahan, Henry Kingi, Brad Martin and Thomas Rosales, Jr.
The Prince of Egypt
Beloved With Lionel Douglass
1999 The Monster
Our Friend, Martin
2000 Bàttu
Boesman and Lena
2001 3 A.M. With John Ortiz
The Royal Tenenbaums
2004 The Cookout
2005 Manderlay With Clive Curtis and John Hurt
Missing in America With Ron Perlman
2006 The Adventures of Brer Rabbit
The Shaggy Dog With Casey Sander
Barnyard With Archie Hahn
Saw III Archive footage
2007 Shooter
Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation
Poor Boy's Game
Honeydripper With Charles S. Dutton
Battle for Terra With Ron Perlman and Danny Trejo
2008 Be Kind Rewind With Sigourney Weaver
This Life
Unstable Fables: Tortoise vs. Hare
Blindness With Alice Braga
Gospel Hill With Adam Baldwin
Saw V Archive footage; with Mark Rolston
2009 Night Train
The Harimaya Bridge
2012 With Liam James
Down for Life
2010 Death at a Funeral
Dear Alice
I'm Still Here
Alpha and Omega
Five Minutes in New York
De Mayor Quiero ser Soldado
2011 Son of Morning
Heart of Blackness
Donovan's Echo
Age of Dragons
2012 LUV With Charles S. Dutton
The Children's Republic
2013 The Bouquet
Space Warriors
Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight
Tula: The Revolt With Deobia Oparei
Highland Park
From Above
The Shift
2014 The Ninja: Immovable Heart
Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses With Danny Trejo
Supremacy With Mahershala Ali
Rage With Michael Papajohn
2047: Sights of Death
Back in the Day
Day of the Mummy
Beyond the Lights
2015 Toxin
Bad Asses on the Bayou With Danny Trejo

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