"You can learn something new every day."
Grant (from Aliens: Genocide)

Daniel Marcus Grant[1] was a multi-billionaire industrialist and the founder and CEO of the Grant Corporation. The Grant Corporation's pharmaceutical subsidiary, Pharmtech, first developed Xeno-Zip, a synthetic performance and mood enhancing drug based on the secretions of Xenomorph Queens, known popularly as Royal Jelly.


When dangerous side-effects were found to be exhibited in a percentage of the population when coming into contact with Xeno-Zip, the Grant Corporation launched a joint program with the military to venture back to the Xenomorph homeworld and acquire a new long-term source for the Jelly with the purpose of eradicating those side effects and continue to sell Xeno-Zip without any future problems in this area.

Grant, who saw this mission as essential for him and his company, personally led the mission, which was staffed by both military personnel led by Colonel Kozlowski and scientific personnel led by Dr. Friel and later by Dr. Begalli.

The disastrous results of the mission, in which many people he knew during the trip died, had a profound effect on Grant, who vowed to improve upon his formerly self-serving, Machiavellian outlook in business affairs.


Grant is a man, who sees it as his duty to learn something every day, which made him successful in the business he was in. He also has a tendency to have outbursts of anger. At first he was self serving and cared only about his company. However, during his mission to acquire royal jelly, the realities of the situation change him and Daniel Grant becomes more altruistic to the point that his concerns shift to the safety of the group rather than getting the royal jelly.

Despite being a CEO, Grant is capable of combat and even overpowers Lars Henrikson, a trained soldier, who was hired by a rival company, MedTech, to kill him.



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