"Whoever did this waited until the last second, took out six guys armed with machine guns by hand, then got by us."
―Det. Archuleta (from Predator 2)

Detective Daniel Archuleta,[3] better known as "Danny Boy", was an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department and member of a small team at the Alvarado Precinct during the gang wars of 1997. The team's investigation of severe gang violence led them to cross paths with that of a Predator in the city hunting the same gangs for sport.

Danny was morally upstanding and fiercely loyal to his superior and close personal friend Mike Harrigan, and he shared the latter's disdain for Peter Keyes and his government agents. He was killed by the Predator while investigating the scene of one of the creature's massacres.


Early career[]

Danny was a friend of Mike Harrigan's from an early age, and the two grew up on the streets of Los Angeles together. The two men later joined the police force and went through training together,[4] before becoming partners on the force. Harrigan would eventually make Detective Lieutenant, with Danny serving as Detective under his command.

Fighting the gangs[]

"Maybe we should give him a job, put him on a payroll..."
Danny, regarding the City Hunter eliminating drug dealers (from Predator 2)

After a vicious shootout in the street with the Colombian Scorpions, Danny discovered that the surviving gang members had been slaughtered by an unknown assailant when they retreated into their hideout. The wounds on the dead men's bodies did not match any known weapon, and one of the corpses had somehow been hoisted up the buildings rafters, where it hung by its ankles. Unbeknownst to Danny and his colleagues, the City Hunter had been responsible.

Before the officers could investigate further, they were ordered to leave the scene by Deputy Chief Phil Heinemann, who informed them that a federal team led by Peter Keyes was taking over the investigation. Danny had to physically restrain Harrigan from striking Heinemann as a result. Later, Danny introduced the Lieutenant to the newest member of their small team, Jerry Lambert.

Investigation and death[]

When several members of the Jamaican Voodoo Posse ritualistically murdered Colombian drug kingpin Ramon Vega in his apartment, only for them Jamaicans themselves to fall victim to the City Hunter immediately afterwards, Harrigan's team were among the first on the scene. However, they were once again removed by Keyes and his men just minutes after arriving. Harrigan and Danny planed to sneak back into the crime scene later once Keyes and his men had left, but Danny arrived first and went inside the building alone. After finding a projectile fired by the City Hunter's Speargun lodged in the apartment's ceiling, Arhculeta came face-to-face with the creature itself and after a brief struggle the Predator killed him, carving into his chest with its Wristblades with enough force to almost cleave his heart in two.[2] Afterwards, the City Hunter boned his corpse like a fish.

The City Hunter took Danny's necklace, and later left it at the cemetery where Harrigan was paying his respects at Danny's grave as a taunt for the Lieutenant.

Personality and Traits[]

Detective Danny possessed a strong sense of honor, even when compared to his co-workers, although he was still willing to bend the law if he thought it would help in an investigation — notably when he illegally entered the sealed crime scene at Ramon Vega's apartment to search for evidence. Danny also appeared to hold some spiritual beliefs, and had a habit of nervously toying with the necklace he wore whenever he found himself in tense, stressful situations.


Danny wielded an Smith & Wesson Model 4506 fitted with an underbarrel flashlight as his primary weapon of choice.


  • In early drafts of the film's script, Danny's surname was Cutter.[5]
  • In the novelization of Predator 2, the scene where the City Hunter scales a skyscraper with one of its trophies and raises its Combistick to the sky, attracting a bolt of lightning, happens far earlier in the story. In the book, the skull in its hand at the time is Danny's, not Jerry's.[6]



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