Doctor Dan Sprague[4] was part of the seven-man scientific team aboard the United Systems Military vessel USM Auriga that successfully cloned Ellen Ripley in order to recreate the Xenomorph XX121 species.

Sprague was taken by the Xenomorphs when they broke out of captivity and overran the ship, and was subsequently impregnated with a Chestburster.[2]


Surgery goes awry[]

Dr. Sprague was present when Dr. Gediman surgically removed the infant Cloned Queen from Ripley 8, and subsequently took over when Dr. Wren elected to keep Ripley 8 alive for study. As he attempted to close the incision in her chest, she awoke and badly broke his arm, giving him numerous compound fractures before Wren managed to sedate her again.[5] Sprague was subsequently carried away for emergency surgery to repair the damage.[6]

Breakout and capture[]

When the Clone Xenomorphs breached containment and overran the station, Sprague was among those taken alive by the creatures and cocooned in their Hive, where he was implanted with a Chestburster, dying when the creature reached maturity and burst from his chest.[2]


  • Sprague is never named in the film; his name is taken from the novelization.
  • Sprague's fate in the film is never explicitly revealed (although it seems likely he was killed). However, in the film's novelization, the survivors find Sprague and several other scientists cocooned in a small Hive built by the Xenomorphs in a laboratory adjacent to the one where Ripley 8 was incubated, their chests torn open by Chestbursters.[2]