Damon Eddington was a classical music fanatic and amateur composer. Using the Earth-born Xenomorph Mozart as inspiration, he harnessed the creature's screams of rage to be used in his Symphony of Hate project.


Early life

"Nothing Damon did made him anything to his parents but what he was: a nuisance, a slipup in birth control that they were bound by governmental laws to look after for eighteen years, a continuing, quiet embarrassment because of his strangeness."
Aliens: Music of the Spears (novel), chapter 4

Damon's childhood relationship with his parents was very distant. Despite no signs of his parents being abusive, Damon assumed that they regarded him a nuisance and did not love him because of his odd behavior. The only member of his family that he genuinely loved was his Grandmother Sheridan, whom was the only one who appreciated Damon's hobby with music.

Damon began work as soon as he was able to, working through numerous gristly jobs on the streets of Manhattan at minimum wage, saving up a lot of his money to buy guitars. He had supposedly even met a lover at some point but it later ended when "Damon had gone in his own direction." This, alongside his constant failures as an amateur artist had led to a depression that only fueled his hatred for Synsound, the public and himself. Damon later became further obsessed with music and it gradually overtook his life, ending a second relationship with a woman that Damon can barely remember and devoting all of his time to nothing other than his work as a musician.

Beginning the project

Damon being dissatisfied with current music, approached Jarlath Keene at Synsound, and requested an Alien be brought to him, he later clarifies that he wanted the Alien for it's sound and to use it in his next project. After discussing the matter with company's president Yoriku, Keene arranged for Ahiro and his ninja's to break into MedTech to steal an egg. With the egg procured, all it needed was a clone to incubate it.

After the egg is secured, Damon meets up with scientists Michael Brangwen, a fan of his previous works and Darcy Vance, whom he initially disliked due to her admitted disinterest in music but later respects her for her honesty. Darcy tells Damon that there is no more funds for a clone use as a host, she then informed him that they would need to use a live human host. Damon was reluctant given the ethical issues of it but Michael told him that there are cultists that would volunteer to be impregnated by a Facehugger.

Shortly after this, a man called Ken Petrillo is brought to him by Ahiro. Damon recognizes him as a former guitarist and associate of his that had since fallen on hard times due an addiction to Xeno-Zip. Damon is hesitant to see his former friend sacrifice himself and questions weather he wants to go through with it, to which Ken assures Damon he is willing. Ahiro later takes Ken into a cell and Damon witnesses Ken being subdued by a Facehugger. After the process he noticed a vial of Xeno-Zip fall out of Ken's pocket, Damon pockets it.

Damon becomes fascinated with the drug and contemplates how such a small vial could affect a man so heavily and turn him into a "jelly junkie". Damon decides to consume the substance out of curiosity, promising himself that he'd move on after this one exception. The drug immediately hooks Damon however, and he becomes addicted to Xeno-Zip.

After recording the "birthing" sounds of the chestburster, he dubs the Xenomorph, Mozart and begins developing an intense obsession with the creature. In order to get the sounds he desires, Damon has Mozart slaughter a cat, a dog, a sheep, a cow, a bull and even a panther to Mozart. However, Damon is dissatisfied with the results and starts to become more unhinged and eventually is given humans taken from the streets by Ahiro to fight Mozart with electrostun rifles. After finally getting the sounds he desired, he felt like one last thing was missing; the sound of intimacy and sadness from within the creature. Damon sees Darcy as a target as she was the one to constantly care for and feed Mozart and he knocks her out with a keyboard.



Damon's fate at the hands of Mozart.

After forcing Darcy to fight Mozart by knocking her out and throwing her in the cage with it (to which she later escapes from Mozart's grasp within a tunnel), something with his recording system goes awry and Eddington, in a fit of desperation, decides on slippong into the cell and use his portable syndisc player/recorder to capture the noises of Mozart's screams, hoping that Mozart will be too busy with Darcy to notice.

Mozart does notice, however, and quickly rushes to kill Damon when he smells a rival hive thanks to the Xeno-zip Damon had recently took. Mozart shreds Damon's torso, killing him and putting an end to his madness.


Damon was an odd individual, being very seclusive and unsociable. He considered his music to be superior to the mainstream "trash" that was being released by Synsound in droves within Manhattan and held a deep disdain towards it, particularly towards the band 'The Helltones'. Still, he was not without his moral boundaries, being incredibly reluctant to have his old friend Ken give himself up as sacrifice to host an Alien. However, after his unhealthy obsession with Mozart and his project combined with his recent Xeno-Zip addiction, he becomes unhinged, allowing the murder of innocent people and even assaulted Darcy and threw her into Mozart's cell.


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