Dachande ("different knife"),[4] also known as Yeyinde ("brave one")[4] or as "Broken Tusk"[5] by humans, was a Yautja Leader. He was the half-brother of Nei'hman-de.[6] Dachande attained fame among his brethren for being the first Yautja to face a Xenomorph in unarmed combat and survive.[2] He led several young un-Blooded Yautja to Ryushi for their first Hunt, but when their ship was accidentally destroyed by Dr. Kesar Revna and the group's leaders incapacitated, the remaining students found themselves stranded, leaderless and facing both the Xenomorphs they had seeded and hostile humans from the colony of Prosperity Wells. The debacle ultimately led to the death of the entire Yautja party.

Dachande himself survived the incident only to succumb to wounds received fighting a Queen at the colony, dying shortly after Blooding colonist Machiko Noguchi.



Dachande and Tichinde.

Dachande was born to a Leader, whose father was also a Leader. He himself was a temperamental young male ready to prove himself at the slightest provocation. In his younger days, he'd challenged a younger male who'd stared at him for just a bit longer than what he deemed acceptable. This fight never happened, a female who'd been coming his way knocked him sprawling out of her path and the challenger had fled. He also had a brother, with whom he was close and use to drink C'ntlip with, but after failing the Blooding ritual, Dachande seldom acknowledges him.

He comes to a planet with a Queen in confines, intending to train a new batch of un-Blooded Yautja. However, involvement with humans leaves his two fellow warriors Skemte and Warkha dead and he himself on death's doorstep. In his stead, Tichinde, an aggressive and disobedient student of his, takes the lead and leaves him for dead, leading the remaining nine students on a revenge campaign against the humans on Ryushi. Dachande himself is taken and cared for by human healers and what strength he gets back, he uses to kill Tichinde next he sees the young warrior, as by this time the un-Blooded is a Bad Blood.

1802450-broken tusk machiko rip

Dachande gives his last words to Machiko.

Later, he and Machiko Noguchi try and save the remaining students, but they have fallen to the ways of Bad Bloods as well. Some are already dead, from Tichinde's poor leadership, and so he and the human warrior focus on the Xenomorphs wreaking havoc on the planet. They go up against a Queen, managing to kill her, although Dachande is badly hurt in the midst of it. Having not completely recovered from previous injuries, these are a lot more serious and he cannot come back from them. After giving Machiko his mark, thus blooding her, he finally meets The Black Warrior: death. After his death, Machiko would go on to join Top-Knot.

Though his given name was Yeyinde, "brave one", the Yautja under his command nicknamed him Dachande meaning "different knife", referring to the lower left tusk broken in unarmed combat with a Xenomorph. Machiko Noguchi similarly referred to him as "Broken Tusk", but also learned the pronunciation of Dachande in the warrior's tongue as "Dah-shan-day".

Personality and Traits

"I half expected a replay of the the lost battles I'd seen earlier, but the broken-tusked warrior was no inexperienced novice. He measured every step, timed every strike."
Machiko Noguchi, recalling how Dechande handled his battles. (from Aliens vs. Predator)
The Broken Tusk from the Alien vs Predator miniseries by Dark Horse Comics was very honorable, going as far as to kill a young member of his own kind when he found out that the young hunter had hunted a human child. Like many Yautja, he was very intelligent, mimicking voices when it was most appropriate, such as when Conover realized he had a Chestburster inside him, Broken Tusk took out a gun, saying, "I can make it quicker, easier for you."

Dachande was a very skilled fighter, single-handedly taking on many Xenomorphs at a time and sustaining few injuries, if any. Furthermore, he demonstrated great strength in fighting the rogue Tichinde, ending the Yautja's life when he stabbed him through the cranium with a Ceremonial Dagger.


Dachande was shown with the following equipment:

Broken Tusk possessed traditional Yautja weaponry. However, unlike other Yautja in the series, he dons a much heavier suit of armor, fit with gauntlets on his fingers, segmented back plating, and a severed Xenomorph head on the chest plate, which had his lightening bolt symbol emblazoned on the forehead. Another unusual feature consistent with the Predators in the mini-series, is that they did not use the signature shoulder mounted plasma caster. Instead, Broken Tusk's hunting party utilizes a hand held weapon referred to in the novelization of the series as a "burner". It is a powerful weapon, capable of blasting a Xenomorph apart in a single shot, but needs to be reloaded every now and then, utilizing a breach loading mechanism much like a double barreled shotgun. Broken Tusk's combistick could also be broken into two separate weapons, via locking mechanism in the middle of the shaft, allowing for more flexible close quarters combat against multiple opponents.




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