"Maybe it's ransom. Back in Tijuana, we kidnap you, put you in an oil drum. The ransom's not paid, we light you on fire."
Cuchillo debating the groups' circumstance (from Predators)

"Cuchillo"[4] (Spanish for "knife") was an otherwise unnamed enforcer working for the Los Zetas drug cartel who was kidnapped by the Super Predators and taken to the Game Preserve Planet in 2010. Together with the others dropped on the planet at that time, he attempted to find a way to escape and return to Earth.

Cuchillo was the first of the group to fall victim to the Predators, killed while the others were distracted during an ambush by the Tracker Predator's Hell-Hounds. His body was then left as bait in an attempt to lure the others out.


Early life and Capture[]

"When you're a veteran, when you've seen things that I've had, then you become fearless."
Cuchillo (from Moments of Extraction)

A young Cuchillo, from Moments of Extraction.

The boy who would had became known as "Cuchilllo"[4] was born in 1942.[1] He grew up in poverty within the harsh streets of Mexico City, in the Distrito Federal. Years of hardship, including watching his only brother die on his deathbed, would turn Cuchillo into a hardened killer.[5] At some point, he would join the Los Zetas cartel, becoming one of its merciless enforcers.[6]

In the year 2010, Cuchillo raided a police station in Tijuana, ramming through the building in an SUV and single-handedly slaughtering all officers inside with his MP5Ks. As he prepared to face the reinforcements in a last stand, he was suddenly captured by the Super Predators[5] and transported to the Game Preserve Planet.[3] As March 2010 there was no contact and was considered missing in action.[6]

Game Preserve Planet[]

"...Falling. Yeah, same thing. I was in Baja. And then there was a light. And then chingao!!"
Cuchillo describing his capture (from Predators)

Upon landing on the Game Preserve Planet, he encountered Royce and held him at gunpoint. The two were suddenly interrupted after a third man next to them, his parachute not opening in time. Before the two could comprehend what had happened, they were fired at by Spetsnaz member Nikolai Fedorov, before being promptly pacified by Royce. The three all agreed upon seeing a 'light' before suddenly being dropped from the sky.[3]

The three eventually picked up several more stragglers - IDF member Isabelle, Yakuza assassin Hanzo, RUF officer Mombasa, convicted serial killer Walter Stans and doctor Edwin. Upon debating their circumstances, Cuchillo suggested that perhaps they were being held for ransom. Upon Mombasa speculating that they were dead, Cuchillo stated that perhaps they were in hell, though Royce refuted this, stating "last time I looked you didn't need a parachute to get there".[3]

Hell-Hound attack and Death[]

"Wound one man. Make him suffer. Make him bleed. Make him call out for help, and set a trap and kill those who come."
Mombasa on Cuchillo (from Predators)

After encountering a series of traps set by the now dead Navy Seal Drake, as well as discovering that they were on an alien planet, Cuchillo and the others were attacked by deadly quadrupeds known as 'Hell-Hounds'.[3]

After killing several creatures and witnessing them retreat at the sound of a whistle, the group realized that Cuchillo was missing. He was later found weakly calling for help in the middle of a trap set by the Super Predators, his back slumped away from the group. Because of the complexity of the trap, the group decided to move on without him. As an act of mercy Isabelle shot him with her Blaser R93. Much to Isabelle's shock, however, it was revealed that Cuchillo was already dead, as his voice was recorded and repeated by the Predators to appear to be alive.[3]


When Isabelle Nissenbaum managed to leave the Game Preserve Planet and return to Earth, she reported that of the eight people, all proven killers, she was one of two who escaped.[7]

Personality & Traits[]

"Pinche Puta del Diablo!"
Cuchillo (from Predators)

Cuchillo was a hardened and ruthless enforcer of Los Zetas.[6] He was largely fearless, as he raided a Mexican police station by himself, armed only with his MP5Ks.[5] He also displayed a degree of faith; when Mombasa hypothesized that they all could be dead, he summarized that they were all in hell. He also crossed himself when the group encountered the corpse of Drake.[3]

In the deleted scenes of Predators, he appeared to be misogynistic, repeatedly referring to Isabelle as a "bitch".[8]

Nevertheless Cuchillo also seemed to have some degree of honor - he showed disgust towards Stans, stating that as bad as he may be, he killed for money, while Stans killed for nothing.[8]


"I want a gun. Come on, man, you got two motherfucking guns, man."
Walter Stans to Cuchillo (from Predators)

Chuchillo used dual personalized MP5K submachine guns fitted with leather tassels on the foregrips, as well as a heavily engraved nickel-plated Colt Commander with gold highlights as his sidearm.[3]



  • A notable goof is that despite Moments of Extraction stating that Cuchillo was situated in Tijuana before his capture, Cuchillo states within the film that he was in Baja before he was taken.




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