"My guess, it'd do just about anything to get free. Enemy of my enemy..."
"That doesn't make it a friend."
Royce and Isabelle, regarding the Crucified Predator (from Predators)

The Crucified Predator, also known as the Classic Predator, was a Yautja from the Jungle Hunter Clan. He was captured by the Super Predators on the Game Preserve Planet and strung up on a totem where he was discovered by Royce and his group at the Super Predators' campsite. He was later freed from his restraints by Royce and the released Predator helped him by setting up the Super Predators' spaceship ready for a return to Earth.

The Crucified Predator was ultimately subdued and decapitated by Berserker while engaging him in combat.


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The Crucified Predator roaring in all the chaos of the Super Predator attack.

The Crucified Predator is seen being hunted at the waterfall by Falconer and Berserker. The Yautja attempts to fight back and escape, but gets captured by the more numerous Super Predators and is strung up onto a totem structure. Later, when Royce and his group came to the Super Predator's camp, they found the Crucified Predator strung up on one of the "totem poles" jutting out of the ground. When Nikolai came close to him and poked him with his M134 Minigun, the captured Predator awakened and started roaring at the shocked humans. Soon after, the Super Predators arrived and started to assault the group of humans. Several hours later, Royce came back to the camp and made a deal with the Predator: if the Yautja allowed Royce go back to Earth, he would untie him. The Predator agreed and used his Wrist Gauntlet to hack into the Super Predators' ship, setting it on a course to Earth. When the Yautja finished gearing up his retrieved equipment, Berserker showed up to drop Edwin and Isabelle, which he just captured, into a pit. The Super Predator spotted him and unsheathed his Scimitar. Royce ran for the ship while the two Yautja engaged in combat.


Berserker about to decapitate the Crucified Predator

Berserker fired several shots from his Plasmacaster to vanquish his foe. The Crucified Predator took cover under a log, and as Berserker drew in to investigate, the Yautja tackled him from behind and knocked him back. Berserker soon recovered from this and knocked off the Yautja's Bio-Mask with a headbutt. The Super Predator then unmasked himself to strike fear in his opponent, but the Crucified Predator remained unfazed. Berserker then decapitated the Yautja with his scimitar, the latter's head and lifeless body falling to the ground as he roared in victory.

Personality & Traits

The Crucified Predator, like the rest of the Jungle Hunter Clan, was an honorable hunter. He was a skilled warrior, but because of his capture and torture by the Super Predators, was weakened and not at the full peak of his strength and stamina. This, coupled with the Berserker Predator's dishonorable use of plasma weaponry to disorient him, resulted in his eventual defeat.

NECA Action Figure Biography

  • "A bold, new chapter in the Predator universe, shot under the creative auspices of Robert Rodriguez. In this story we follow Royce, a cold-blooded mercenary whose only allegiance is to those who pay him. He reluctantly leads a group of elite warriors who come to realize they've been brought together on an alien prey. With the notable exception of disgraced physician Edwin, they are all cold-blooded killers -- mercenaries, Yakuza, death squad members --human "predators" that are now being systematically hunted and eliminated by a new breed of alien Predators." [1]


The Crucified Predator possessed the typical Yautja weaponry, including Wristblades, a Wrist Gauntlet, a Cloak, and a Plasmacaster. His Bio-Mask was damaged in a previous battle (receiving a cracked upper section and burn through the left side), but it still functioned properly, showing that versatility of such equipment. His active camouflage worked as well, but it characteristically malfunctioned and sparked upon contact with water. He had far less protective gear than most hunters, likely because of the Super Predators stripping him of equipment.


  • The Crucified Predator was based on the original creature designed by Stan Winston from Predator.
  • The Crucified Predator is portrayed by Derek Mears, a famous movie monster actor.
  • The Crucified Predator is the first hunter to fight another Predator on-screen.
  • According to the Predators video game, the Crucified Predator was the leader of a clan. The player has to rescue their clan leader on mission 30.



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