The Crocodile Alien is a particularly large and powerful Xenomorph variant born from a large species of crocodile.


The most notable trait of the Crocodile Alien is its exceptionally large size, standing approximately around the same size as a typical Queen while in a quadrupedal stance. The Crocodile Alien is considerably bulky and muscular than the typical Drone and unlike some other quadrupedal Xenomorphs, it possessed dorsal spines, peculiarly six of them unlike the standard four of most other Xenomorphs.

While its head was mostly similar to the standard Drone, it possessed a noticeably more bulbous dome and possesses a line of spikes going around the rear half of the sides and back of the dome. The Xenomorph is fairly strong and possesses an armored mesoskeleton giving them high durability, being able to shrug off most attacks, including being impaled with a large spear. It has several spikes protruding off of various parts of its body, such as the arms, shoulders, and hips.

The tail of the Crocodile Alien is exceptionally long and tipped with a large spiked blade. A trait carried over from its host causes the top of the tail to have pairs of caudal vertebrae that eventually converge into a single line much like the caudal whorls of a crocodile.



  • While the initial reveal of the Crocodile Alien depicts it as an absolutely massive animal comparable in size to sauropod dinosaurs, subsequent pages mostly depict it as being closer in size to a typical Queen, albeit much bulkier.
  • Though the exact species of crocodile that the Xenomorph is born from is never specified, due to its size and locale, it can be assumed to be an American crocodile (C. acutus) — the largest recorded individuals of which can grow up to 16 feet in length, though the species is potentially capable of reaching up to 20 feet in length. It can be assumed that Xenomorphs spawned from smaller species of crocodiles would not exhibit the notably large size of the individual seen in Batman/Aliens.