Cristóbal was a colony world the site of a United States Colonial Marine Corps campaign.[1]

In his account of the events, former USCM captain Patrice Riegert described the Colonial Marines capturing a spaceport and shield colony and spreading out into countryside, quickly securing half a continent on this world. The operation was aimed at removing someone known as Hetos from power.[1]

Although Space Command reported 254 locals dead, Riegert said USCM engineers were involved in digging mass graves for over 1500 civilians and hiding the evidence with bacterial agents.[1]

While the action was nominally taken under the United Americas flag, under the provisions of the Washington Treaty, the AmArc corporation was also said to be highly involved in the operation, securing the world's economic assets. The USCM were ordered to quell a workers' strike at the end of the campaign.[1]



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