"If you're looking for a piece, Foster, I've got something for you right here."
"I'd need scanning equipment to find it, Heyst."
Heyst and Foster (from Alien: Isolation)

Crispin Heyst[2] was a crewmember aboard the Anesidora. He was serving on the ship during its fateful voyage in 2137 when it discovered the derelict ship on LV-426, an incident that ultimately unleashed a Xenomorph infestation on Sevastopol Station and led to the destruction of both the station and the Anesidora.

Once the Xenomorph outbreak began, Heyst found himself trapped aboard Sevastopol along with the rest of his surviving crew. He met his fate aboard Sevastopol while trying to prevent a facehugger from attaching to him. While attempting to shoot the facehugger he missed, and shot himself in the head. Dr Soohoo noted that he could only be identified from DNA records.


Find of a lifetime

"What the hell do you think we're going to find here, Marlow?"
Heyst, upon entering the derelict (from Alien: Isolation)

When the Anesidora crew followed the flight data recovered from the Nostromo black box to LV-426 and detected the signal emanating from the moon, Heyst accompanied Marlow, Foster and Meeks as they trekked across the surface in search of the source of the transmission. The four crewmembers soon located the derelict ship, but their joy at discovering the find of a lifetime soon turned to horror when Foster was attacked by a Facehugger in the ship's hold.

After returning Foster to the ship, the crew made for Sevastopol Station, hoping to get medical attention for their stricken crewmate. Upon arriving at the station, Heyst went aboard with Marlow, Foster and Meeks, despite his misgivings about smuggling Foster past the station's quarantine procedures.[3]

On Sevastopol

"No one can know we're connected to Marlow and the Anesidora."
Heyst, to Meeks (from Alien: Isolation)

When Foster was killed by the Chestburster that had been growing inside her and Marlow was arrested by the Colonial Marshal Bureau, the rest of the Anesidora crew made themselves scarce on Sevastopol, not wanting anything to do with the situation and the inevitable repercussions.[3] For a time, Heyst and Meeks took up residence in the Galleria shopping mall, but were forced to move on when a drunken Meeks vented his grief about their part in the Xenomorph infestation in front of witnesses. Perhaps as a result of this, Heyst was eventually picked up by the Colonial Marshals. He was interrogated by Marshal Waits and Deputy Turner for his association with Marlow, but Heyst remained silent.[4]

He eventually killed himself in the process of trying to stop a facehugger attack. Dr Soohoo of the San Cristobal Medical Facility noted that he could only be identified by DNA as his face had been blown off in the accident.

Personality and Traits

Prior to the Xenomorph incident aboard Sevastopol, Heyst was prone to cracking lewd jokes and teasing his crewmates. He was also more than willing to go along with Marlow's plan to illegally hack the Nostromo's black box in the hope of finding the vessel. However, when Foster was attacked, his attitude became more serious and he became increasingly wary of his captain's actions, even vowing to distance himself from Marlow should Foster's condition lead to trouble.[3] When the worst occurred on Sevastopol, Heyst followed through with this pledge and severed ties with his captain. When Meeks got drunk and told a crowd in the Solomons Galleria mall about himself and Heyst's involvement in the incident, he personally dragged the intoxicated Meeks away and scolded him for his actions in an audio log.


  • It's implied that Heyst's interrogation at the hands of Waits and Turner may have been rather brutal, as Waits tells Turner to shut off the recording when Heyst refuses to speak, noting that "maybe our friend here is just shy".
  • Heyst's full name and fate were revealed in the Alien: Isolation Novel.



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