"It's you and me now. Watch my back, OK? And I'll watch yours."
Connor (from Aliens vs. Predator)

Connor was a Mohawk dropship pilot[2] with the United States Colonial Marine Corps, part of the 1st Battalion, 3rd Regiment.[3] He was stationed aboard the USS Marlow, dispatched to BG-386 in response to a Xenomorph outbreak at the Freya's Prospect colony and the nearby Weyland-Yutani facility.

The mission was a disastrous failure, with the Marlow being destroyed and virtually all of the Marines deployed being killed. Connor was taken by Xenomorphs in the Yautja ruins on the planet after his dropship Typhoon was shot down.


Shot down

"Hey! Need a hand?"
Connor, upon meeting Rookie (from Aliens vs. Predator)
Connor was part of the Marine contingent on the USS Marlow when it was sent to BG-386. He was the pilot of the dropship Typhoon and was aboard when the ship was shot down in the jungle by a Predator. The crash site was almost immediately set upon by Xenomorphs, and while Connor and several other Marines were able to drive the attackers off, Corporal Tequila was captured by the Aliens and taken to a nearby Hive. Not wishing to abandon her, Connor and Zulu Team went after her, leaving several other Marines behind to guard the crash site.

In the ruins

"Okay, bud. It's you and me versus the bugs. Let's roll."
Connor to Rookie (from Aliens vs. Predator)
Zulu Team failed to find any trace of Tequila and was largely decimated by Dark as he passed through the ruins. Connor survived, and later fell back to the crash site to find Rookie fighting off a swarm of Xenomorphs with Danone and Roper. After assisting in the clean up, Connor and Rookie again set out in search of Tequila. Moments after leaving the site, they watched one of Connor's squadmates in the ruins get decapitated by a Predator, which cloaked and fled before the others could engage it.

Rookie and Connor were then attacked by Xenomorphs as they made their way through the ruins. Although they fought them off, Connor took a wrong turn as they neared the exit and was dragged into a vent by a Xenomorph before the Rookie could help him. His fate afterwards is unknown, although it is likely he was cocooned and impregnated with a Chestburster.

Personality and Traits

"We're gonners, man. Dead meat!"
Connor to Rookie (from Aliens vs. Predator)
Whilst Connor at first came across as calm and level headed, his bold face slipped somewhat during the battle in the ruins. In truth, he was terrified of the situation he found himself in, and made this freely apparent with his continued ranting about how he and Rookie were "dead meat".


Foremost amongst Connor's combat equipment was the UD-6 "Mohawk" Dropship that he piloted, Typhoon. Despite being a pilot, however, Connor was equipped with the standard combat issue Personal Armor and a Ballistic Helmet, and a TNR Shoulder Lamp when on the ground; it is possible he scavenged these items from a fallen Marine after his dropship was shot down, or took them from onboard the downed craft. Likewise, he carried an M41A/2 Pulse Rifle while fighting in the ruins on BG-386.


  • While the player does not meet Connor until the level "Ruins", his voice is heard over the radio in the previous level, "Jungle", during the sequence where Typhoon is shot down by a Predator.
  • It is possible to keep Connor alive throughout the trek through the ruins, although even if the player accomplishes this Connor is scripted to die just before reaching the door to the next area.
  • In some ways, Connor is similar to Private Hudson from Aliens, in that both men initially come across as cocky and self-confident, but later become hysterical in the face of the horror around them. Ironically, both men also share the same fate — they are grabbed from below by a Xenomorph and dragged underground, presumably to their deaths.
  • Although it is never established who exactly is responsible for shooting Connor down, it is likely the same Predator that Rookie ultimately fights in the combat arena, as that individual begins stalking him in the jungle soon after Typhoon crashes, and continues to do so until their confrontation in the ruins.
  • The vent that Connor is pulled into (assuming he survives in the ruins) is the same one that Specimen 6 emerges from at the start of the Alien level "Ruins".
  • Connor is a multiplayer skin in the game, unlocked when players reach Rank 5.
  • There is a Marine in the introductory cutscene to the Alien campaign level "Colony" who resembles Gibson, but uses (male) Connor's voice. He is likely meant to be an anonymous Marine.



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