The combat arena was the centerpiece of the ancient Yautja ruins on BG-386, an ancestral hunting arena designed to test Predators in combat against an assortment of deadly foes, particularly the Xenomorphs.

It is featured heavily in the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator, with all three campaigns featuring a major boss battle that takes place within the arena.


The arena itself was a roughly square pit constructed of ancient stone. The vertical sides were topped with vicious spikes to prevent any prey (or unworthy Predators) from escaping. The pit itself was filled with tall square columns providing for vertical combat, as well as giving the arena floor a vaguely maze-like feel. Vents in the pit's floor were capable of spewing flame intermittently for an additional hazard.

On either side of the arena were stands, implying that spectators would sometimes watch the training sessions held in the arena. At the top of the arena was a platform where the victorious Yautja would receive a reward, along with the respect of the overseeing Yautja.


The arena was ancient even by Predator standards and had been host to hunting rituals on BG-386 for thousands of years. It was located in the centre of sprawling ruins that had once been a sizeable Predator settlement.

The arena was the location of a battle between Specimen 6 and its Drone brethren and several Predators who had been on the planet as part of an initiation hunt before getting caught up in the large-scale Xenomorph outbreak. Two Young Bloods and an Elite Yautja were ultimately slain, with Six personally ensuring the latter became host to a Predalien.

Dark later entered the arena on his way to the Weyland Yutani research labs in order to retrieve the technology they had stolen. However, when he entered, the arena's defences activated and Dark was forced to defeat a Praetorian and its Drone followers, after which he was allowed to leave, retrieving an ancestral Combistick for his troubles.

Later, Rookie also came across the arena whilst searching for Corporal Tequila, and was finally trapped by a Young Blood Predator that had been stalking him and his fellow Marines throughout the ruins. He engaged the Predator in combat in the arena after the creature threw him into it, ultimately defeating it and escaping. He and Tequila later re-entered the arena to get her to Katya, hoping she could perform a surgery that would remove the Chestburster in her.

The arena was ultimately destroyed, along with the nearby colony of Freya's Prospect and the Weyland-Yutani research laboratories built around it, when Dark left an ancient Self-Destruct Device to wipe out all trace of the events on the planet.


  • Given that the spikes never retracted after Specimen 6 defeated and impregnated Wolf, it is unclear how the Xenomorph was able to escape from the arena.