"It is ridiculous, I know, but these combat androids... They unnerve me unlike any Xenomorph."
Groves (from Aliens vs. Predator)

Promotional screenshot of Security Synths, from Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Combat Androids, also known as Combat Synthetics, are synthetics constructed specifically for combat purposes. Although the equipping of androids with weapons or uninhibited combat abilities was prohibited by the Geneva Convention,[1] combat models have been widely employed by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, who often used illegally manufactured units for security at critical Weyland-Yutani installations. Relaxing of regulations later also led to the use of combat androids by the United States Colonial Marine Corps.[2]

Combat Androids are a staple in the video games based on the Alien and Alien vs. Predator franchises, and have also appeared in the comics based on the Alien series.


Unlike commercial synthetics (such as the David and Bishop lines), which are designed to integrate seamlessly into human society, combat androids are designed solely for combat, and as such forgo many of the aesthetic niceties of the former models. They are typically far cruder in design, and are rarely programmed with the more finely-tuned social software installed on commercial synthetics.

Most notably, combat synths are able to sustain a heavy amount of firepower before deactivation - it is not uncommon to see them continuing to fight following the loss of limbs, even their own heads.[3] Although unable to physically feel pain, combat androids, specifically Corporate security drones, were built to correspond to certain injuries and suggest alternative behavior for greater effectiveness, or even retreat from battle if necessary.[4]

Owing to their higher resistance to damage and greater strength when compared to humans, as well as their ignorance of pain, fear or moral concerns, combat androids are often preferred over live combatants in certain situations.[5] Many are used as obedient, no-questions-asked bodyguards.[6] Their unflinching dedication to their duty, regardless of the odds against them or any wounds received, also carries with it a distinct psychological impact with regards to their opponents.[citation needed]

A popular series were the Weyland-Yutani Davis security drone and Franklin Combat Synthetics, which saw use in various scenarios across the Frontier. However, following the Geneva Convention, both series, alongside other Combat Models, were discontinued. This has not stopped the use of Combat Synths, however.

It is rumoured that the Union of Progressive Peoples covertly negotiated with the Seegson corporation in commissioning their Working Joe synthetics as a combat unit.[7] This was later proven true with the emergence of the Dzho Automaton, also known as the "Fighting Joe".[8]

Notable Appearances[]

  • In Alien Trilogy, combat androids are equipped with a M56 Smartguns and are considered to be both strong and dangerous.
  • In Aliens: Stronghold, Dean was a heavily-armed specialized combat synthetic programmed to pacify Xenomorph outbreaks in Caspar Nordling's research facility.
  • In Aliens versus Predator, Weyland-Yutani utilized an unknown synthetic model to act as additional security detail onboard the USS Ferarco and Gateway Station. These synthetics looked like regular humans and were armed with shotguns.
  • In Aliens versus Predator 2, they are seen guarding the Forward Observation Pods as well as serving as Dr. Eisenberg's troops. They are commonly fought in the Alien and the Predator campaigns, although a single one is fought in the final level of the Marine campaign. They are difficult to kill, capable of surviving two headshots. They are sometimes equipped with a shotgun but are most often equipped with a WY-102 Railgun.
  • In Aliens versus Predator: Extinction, they are simply an upgrade to the normal synthetic unit, equipped with a shotgun. When a combat android loses all of its hitpoints, it will be sometimes disabled, and a CommTech is needed to re-activate it. If not repaired after several moments the disabled synthetic 'dies'.
  • In Aliens: Extermination, Combat Synthetics are used in attempts to capture Xenomorphs for Weyland-Yutani's bio-weapons project. They're tougher than Xenomorphs, and are armed with Pulse Rifles.
  • In Aliens vs. Predator, Combat Androids are commonly seen guarding civilians in the later stages of the Alien campaign. They noticeably have the Weyland-Yutani logo imprinted on their eyeballs. In the Predator campaign, a group of combat androids are seen executing three civilians, presumably on Weyland-Yutani orders, saying that their contracts have been terminated. Upgraded android models also appear in the Marine and Predator campaigns. These synthetics are extremely hard to kill, and are equipped with a cloaking device derived from Predator technology. A Combistick, however, will kill them instantly. During the Predator campaign, if you are spotted by an Android the unit will stare at you before saying, "Hunter detected. Switching tactics." This suggests they are programmed with specific software on how to kill Predators.
  • In AVP: Evolution, combat androids equipped with batons and shields are used by Colonial Marines and Weyland-Yutani.
  • Aliens: Defiance introduces the Corporate security drone model employed by Weyland-Yutani, with the Davis series designed specifically for security and combat purposes. Their design is very basic, resembling that of a Working Joe, presumably due to their expendable nature. Aliens: Resistance saw the later use of a more advanced model known as Franklin.

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