Private Cole was part of Sergeant Lopé's security team aboard the colonization spacecraft USCSS Covenant. He was serving on the ship during its disastrous voyage to Origae-6, during which it suffered several catastrophes that resulted in the loss of most of the ship's crew and its hijacking by David.

Cole was part of the expedition team that set down on Planet 4, and was killed by the Praetomorph born from Chris Oram.


On Planet 4

After Captain Oram declared that the crew would investigate Planet 4 rather than continue traveling to Origae-6, Oram, Cole and his colleagues traveled with Oram and several others to conduct the investigation. After setting down on Planet 4, Karine Oram and Ledward split apart from the rest of the team to conduct an investigation of the planet's surface.

The remaining members of the expedition team eventually discovered a crashed Engineer ship; Cole and Ankor were ordered by Lopé to remain outside and secure the premises while the others investigated the ship. Shortly afterward, Karine Oram reported that Ledward was ill. At the same time, Hallett contracted a similar illness; unbeknownst to themselves and the others, they had been infected with Neomorph spores. Cole helped escort Hallett back to the dropship.

Upon returning to the dropship, Cole and the others were greeted by the destruction of the ship following a misguided effort to kill the Neomorph born from Ledward. Seconds later, a second Neomorph Bloodburster rips its way out of Hallett's throat and mouth, killing him while the others watch in horror. Following this, Cole helped secure the area with the remaining security personnel.

Ambush in the wheat field

"Get it off me!"
"Can't get a clear shot!
Rosie and Cole, as she is mauled by Neomorph (from Alien: Covenant)
Later on, one of the Neomorphs returned to attack the team. Cole, Ankor and Rosie fired at the creature in an attempt to kill it. However, this only angered it, resulting in Ankor's death when the creature spun around and struck him with its tail, mutilating his face and killing him. Cole was then knocked him to the ground when the Neomorph leaped on him, although he survived. The Neomorph was shot dead moments later by Rosie.

The team's relief was short-lived, as the second Neomorph then appeared. It attacked Rosie and began mauling her to death; Cole attempted to shoot the creature but owing to the low visibility and risk of shooting Sarah in the process, he was unable to. To the crew's relief, a synthetic named David showed up and fired a flare gun into the air, scaring the creature away. David then ordered the team to follow him to his safe haven. With no way to contact the Covenant and a storm preventing the Covenant from getting to them anyway, they had no choice but to follow him.

Inside the temple

After arriving at David's temple, Cole helped re-establish communications with the Covenant. After requesting extraction, they were told they had to wait until morning to be rescued due to the storm. Cole along with the others remained inside the temple until that time.

The search

"I found her, Sergeant. I found her..."
Cole upon discovering Rosie's mangled corpse (from Alien: Covenant)
Later that night, Rosie went missing. The team's captain Chris Oram elected to find her, only to never return. Cole and Lopé went looking for the two, and eventually Cole found Rosie's mutilated corpse along with a dead Neomorph which had been killed by Oram.

With first light nearing, Lopé and Cole decided to gather the necessary supplies and prep for EVAC. While arming themselves, they were told by Daniels to stay in radio contact while she searched for Walter and David. The two then searched the temple for Chris. Cole eventually found Oram, who was dead with his chest horrifically ripped open by a Chestburster.


As Cole looked around, he was ambushed by a Facehugger, which latched itself on to his gun. Cole threw it off and tried to shoot it, though it dodged his gunfire and instead ran toward Lopé. As the two tried to locate it, it attacked Lopé and latched on to his face. As Lopé struggled to pull the Facehugger off, Cole ran over to him and using his knife he cut it off and threw it aside, saving Lopé - though the resultant acid spray still burnt Lopé's left cheek and left him badly injured.


Cole's grisly demise.

As Cole tried to bandage Lopé's wound, Lopé uttered a curse in horror, causing Cole to look up. The Praetomorph born from Oram appeared from an overhead shaft. Cole was petrified, unable to heed the fleeing Lopé's urging cry for him to run. The Praetomorph immediately dropped down and landed on Cole, pinning him down and swiftly killing him with a headbite before tearing his corpse apart.


Cole was a loyal soldier and served with honor. When Oram and Rosie went missing, he elected to search for them with Lopé. When Lopé was attacked by a Facehugger, Cole immediately ran to his aid and cut the Facehugger off, demonstrating his loyalty.

However, when Lopé warned him of the Praetomorph lurking in the shaft above them, Cole could not bring himself to move. This hesitation led to his becoming the adult Praetomorph's first victim.


Cole's primary weapon was a Thales F90 rifle outfitted with an attachable weapons light underneath the barrel. He also carried a combat knife as a backup. The knife was later destroyed when he used it to cut a Facehugger from Lopé's face, spilling its acidic blood and melting the blade.




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