"So you think we're gonna stab this motherfucker to death!"
William (from Alien3 Special Edition)

Clive William[1] was an inmate at the Fiorina "Fury" 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit, one of several who stayed behind after the facility was officially closed down by Weyland-Yutani. He was involved in battling a lone Xenomorph that was born in the prison in 2179.

William was involved in the rape attempt on Ellen Ripley. He was later killed acting as bait during a desperate attempt to lure the Xenomorph into the lead mold at the foundry alongside the prison.



William was involved in gang crimes and was sentenced to Fiorina 161 for murder, for which he was sentenced to life imprisonment.[1]

Ripley's arrival

"Organise. We gotta organise!"
William to the other inmates, following Andrews' death (from Alien3)
William was a member of the group of prisoners that attempted to rape Ripley in the prison's scrap heap. However, they were caught and beaten by Dillon before they could carry out their act. As Dillon assaulted the other members of the group with a metal bar, William dropped to his knees and begged him for mercy, hoping to avoid being beaten.

Dealing with the Xenomorph

Following Superintendent Andrews' death at the hands of the Xenomorph, William was foremost in trying to decide who would lead the survivors in their confrontation with the Dragon. He survived the quinitricetyline explosion that killed many other inmates, and elected to lure the Dragon into the mold at the lead foundry, joining up with his friend Gregor for the plan.

When the Dragon was first sighted within the foundry, William and Gregor quickly became lost within the maze of corridors, unable to find their assigned doors, although they luckily avoided encountering the Xenomorph.


The bait and chase soon devolved into chaos and many of the prisoners were killed. William himself was eventually attacked and killed by the creature; his presumed corpse was discovered by Ripley shortly afterward.

Personality and Traits

William was an atheist and did not share in the religious beliefs held by many of the other inmates.[5]

Behind the Scenes

Alternate death

Several early drafts of the Alien3 shooting script had a deranged Golic murder William along with several other inmates in the prison's abattoir when they attempt to flee the facility following the Dragon's escape from captivity. Golic later shows William's corpse to Michael Bishop and his team when they arrive at the prison.[6]


  • William is never actually seen being killed in either cut of Alien3. He is presumably one of several unidentified bodies discovered during the bait-and-chase sequence. In the novelization of the film, Ripley finds William alongside Eric, their bodies "all mixed up together", soon after piston is started prematurely.[7]



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