Clive Andrew Mantle (born June 3, 1957) is an English actor who played William in the 1992 film Alien3. He is perhaps best known for his role as Dr. Mike Barrett in the television series Casualty (1996-1998) and Holby City (1999-2001).

Arguably Mantle's most (in)famous role was that of the first Nuclear Man in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, a part that was completely deleted from the film before release. Mantle was to play an initial version of the charter (also incorporating elements of the comic book villain Bizarro in his take) that is created by villain Lex Luthor to defeat his arch-nemesis Superman; when Mantle's Nuclear Man is quickly beaten and destroyed by the Man of Steel in combat, Luther instead hatches a plan to create a second, more powerful Nuclear Man, who is the one seen in the finished film. The deleted scenes featuring Mantle have since taken on something of a legendary status thanks to their bizarre nature, poor special effects and unsuccessful attempts at humor, and are seen as embodying the faults of the movie as a whole. Most of the footage Mantle filmed for Superman IV has since been made available on DVD releases of the film.


Year Title Notes
1980 The Orchard End Murder
1983 Party Party
1986 Foreign Body
1988 Without a Clue
1989 Mack the Knife
1990 White Hunter Black Heart
1992 Alien3
2000 The Nearly Complete and Utter History of Everything
The Darkest
2005 Upstaged
2009 Morris: A Life with Bells On
2014 Thomas & Friends: Tale of the Brave With William Hope and Glenn Wrage


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