Clive Curtis is a British stunt performer, stunt coordinator[1] and actor who was Ricco Ross' stunt double as Private Frost in the 1986 film Aliens,[2][3] although he was not credited for this role. Curtis was also Yaphet Kotto's stunt double as Parker in the 1979 film Alien, although his scenes were cut from the final film.[4] Other notable films Curtis has appeared in include Superman II (1980), Batman (1989), Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 (2011) and several films in the James Bond series.[5]



The end sequence of the film was to be a big fight scene between the Alien and Yaphet Kotto as Parker, whom Curtis doubled for. However, after shooting the sequence, the "powers to be" decided not to use it for fear of upstaging the image of the Chestburster bursting from Kane's chest, thus it was not used.[4]


When Curtis was offered the job on Aliens, it was a job he very much wanted to do and he felt totally comfortable with what was required of him as he had done fire jobs before. Curtis was on set for about a week before he did his job, thus feeling like "a part of the team." Curtis found the camaraderie on set "to be absolutely magical." and thought that "We had a wonderful team of people."[2]

Curtis Stunt

Curtis' fire stunt in Aliens.[2]

According to call sheet number 6, Curtis was responsible for the fire stunt (Sc. 92) filmed on October 7, 1985,[3][2] which Curtis said he "could foresee it would look spectacular,".[2] For the stunt, Curtis did not wear a breathing apparatus, but wore a fire suit with the costume on top.[2] He was set alight then had to find his way (acting all the time) completely blinded by the flames and not breathing for about 15 feet before hitting the railing which stood about 3-4 feet in height before falling approximately 8 feet on to the section to be put out by his colleagues.[2] According to Curtis, "If my memory serves me right, I do believe we had either two or three takes."[2]


Year Title Notes
1977 The Spy Who Loved Me Uncredited; with Nick Gillard, Eddie Powell and Roy Scammell
1978 The Wild Geese Uncredited
1979 Escape to Athena Uncredited
1980 Superman II Uncredited
1981 For Your Eyes Only Uncredited; with Charles Dance, Nick Gillard, John Lees, Eddie Powell and Roy Scammell
An America Werewolf in London With Brian Glover
Outland Uncredited; with Stuart Milligan
1983 Octopussy With William H. Burton, Jr., Eddie Powell and Tip Tipping
Superman III With Helen Horton and Al Matthews
Never Say Never Again Uncredited; with Eddie Powell and Tip Tipping
1984 Top Secret! With Mac McDonald and Eddie Powell
Sheena With Roy Scammell
1985 Water
Spies Like Us
Brazil With Ian Holm and Tip Tipping
A View to a Kill Uncredited; with Simon Crane, Eddie Powell and Trevor Steedman
1986 Aliens Uncredited
1987 Good Morning Vietnam
1989 Batman With Carl Chase, Simon Crane, Christopher Fairbank, Leon Herbert, Mac McDonald, Mark Anthony Newman, Eddie Powell and Tip Tipping
1991 Riff-Raff
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves With Simon Crane, Nick Gillard, Mark Anthony Newman, Eddie Powell, Denise Ryan, Tip Tipping and Michael Wincott
Young Soul Rebels With Nick Gillard and Mark Anthony Newman
1992 The Runner
The Crying Game With Ralph Brown
1993 In the Name of the Father With Phil Davis and Pete Postlethwaite
1994 Shallow Grave
Four Weddings and a Funeral
1996 Hollow Reed
1997 My Son the Fanatic
The Man Who Knew Too Little With J. E. Freeman and Trevor Steedman
Shooting Fish
1998 Speak Like a Child
1999 Simon Magnus With Ian Holm
2000 Shiner With Danny Webb
2004 Thunderbirds With Deobia Oparei and Bill Paxton
2005 Manderlay With Danny Glover and John Hurt
Sahara With Mark Anthony Newman and Florian Robin
Brothers of the Head With Sean Harris
2011 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2 With John Hurt and C. C. Smiff
2012 Skyfall With Vladimir "Furdo" Furdik
2013 Fast & Furious 6
2014 Most Welcome 2
Get Santa With Ewen Bremner and Rafe Spall
Kingsman: The Secret Service With James Embree, Corey Johnson and Shane Steyn
2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron



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