Cleaner case

Wolf's cleaner case opened. Notice the Self-Destruct Device on the bottom and the Syringe, Dissolving Liquid and other gadgets contained within the case.

The Cleaner case[1] was a storage device used by Wolf during his clean up mission in Gunnison, Colorado, Earth in 2004. Given the device's name, it is likely that the cleaner case was only used on special Xenomorph "clean up" operations.


The case's opening mechanism was activited when a Yautja ran his index claw down a black seam in the center of the case. Wolf's case contained a Tracking Syringe, Dissolving Liquid and an integrated Self-Destruct Device. Wolf wore his cleaner case on his back, to the right of his Medicomp (when facing his back).


Wolf arrived within the crashed Scout Ship and took off his cleaner case for further analysis. Wolf later activated the case's Self-Destruct Device, leading to an implosion of the Scout Ship, leaving no trace of it behind.

Behind the Scenes[]

The cleaner case was created by Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.,[2] who did most of the practical effects for Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.


  • Wolf only opens his case in the Unrated Edition of Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.
  • The shape of the case resembles the head of a Xenomorph.
    • The design also features similarities to the Medicomp.
  • Two pieces of concept art suggest that Wolf would've used either a shoulder-mounted tool case, or a waist-mounted tool belt, instead of the Cleaner case.