Claw was a Blooded Yautja from the Young Blood Pack. He was one of five Young Bloods who travelled to BG-386 to undertake their first Hunt.


Claw travelled to BG-386 as part of the Young Blood Pack to hunt Xenomorphs there as part of their initiation Hunt. Each member of the Pack ultimately hoped to join the Elite Clan for their endeavours.

However, owing to the activities of Karl Bishop Weyland and his team of Weyland-Yutani scientists, BG-386 became host to a massive Xenomorph infestation that claimed the lives of the Young Blood Pack. While Claw successfully killed at least one Marine on the planet,[2] technically earning the rank of Blooded Predator, he subsequently perished in the incident, most likely at the hands of one or more Xenomorphs.

Dark, one of three Elite Predators dispatched to BG-386 to investigate the Young Blood Pack's disappearance, later found Claw's body in the jungles on the planet. After paying respects to his fallen comrade, Dark activated Claw's Self-Destruct Device to destroy his body and ensure his technology was not acquired by humans.

Weapons and Equipment[]


  • While Claw is never seen earning his blooded title in Aliens vs. Predator, the story trailer for the game showed him killing at least one Marine. Also, when the player (as Dark) discovers Claw's body in the level "Jungle", a skinned Marine is found hanging nearby, implying the man was one of Claw's kills.
  • Claw's in-game skin is re-used for all but one of the Young Blood Pack members in the game; the only one not to share his appearance is the Young Blood fought by Rookie in the Marine level "Ruins".
  • Claw is a multiplayer skin in the game, unlocked when players reach Rank 3.
  • As with the other Predators in the game, Claw's name is taken from his multiplayer skin, as he is not named in singleplayer.
  • Like Dark, Claw's bio-helmet is based on the Jungle Hunter design, but unlike Dark, Claw's helmet has four vertical red stripes on the front.




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