Lex and a Clan Leader

Clan Leader is one of the highest attainable ranks in Yautja society. Clan Leaders rule near absolutely within their own clan, commanding many less-skilled warriors.



In theory, any Yautja is a contender for the position of Clan Leader, so long as he is good standing according to Honor Code. Once a young hunter becomes blooded, he can be selected by a Leader and serve as an Adjutant, a position where he is both second-in-command and student to the senior, superior Yautja. The position of Leader is implied to come from other leaders, who bestow it on their subordinates at their discretion. Either that, or an Adjutant can forcibly take the title of Leader by challenging the Leader to duel, likely to the death. Once a hunter is a Leader, he is given control of several Packs during his tenure and his prowess as a teacher may attract the attention of a Elder Predator. The Elder can then choose to promote him to the title of Clan Leader.

Presumably, Clan Leaders are somewhat if not completely subordinate to the Elders and Ancients of Predator Society.

Notable Clan Leaders