Lex and a Clan Leader

Clan Leader is one of the highest attainable ranks in Yautja society. Clan Leaders rule near absolutely within their own clan, commanding many less-skilled warriors. At his discretion, he may be attended by a retinue of Temple Guards. Clan Leaders are sometimes known to don long, red capes and are the only rank of Yautja known to do so. This may indicate the cape is unique and marks one as a Leader of Clans.[1][2]



The exact responsibilities of a Clan Leader are not explained in depth. As their name implies, they lead clans, and while different tasks are doled out to lower, but still quite highly ranked warriors, a Clan Leader may simply oversee other high ranked Yautja. Clan Leaders are often popular in their clans; younger warriors avidly wish to attain their favor and notice.[3] Clan Leaders are also responsibile for punishing the Yautja's directly below him, in the event that they break the Yautja Honor Code.[4] Clan Leaders are also responsible for the rise of new clans, the Leaders of which they select from Leader-caste predators. Since some Leaders arise from that caste, it could be said that one of the more passive responsibilities of a Clan Leader are to be an example of what a true hunter should be. Clan Leaders also give wisdom and inspiration to younger Hunters, but also listen to the council of Yautja more wisened than themselves, such as Ancients.[5]

Clan Leaders decide where hunts take place and who participates in them.[6], [7] They have a great deal of freedom and discretion in how the clan operates, but despite this, there is little to no evidence of a Clan Leader using their influence in a corrupt or abusive manner. This is likely due to the strict honor-based culture within the Yautja species, in which the highest ranking Yautja are the most bound. Conversely, those who do not follow the code closely never rise high in rank and, indeed, may be hunted down and destroyed in some cases.

Overall, Clan Leaders concern themselves with off-world matters. On-world matters are left to a Matriarch and Clan Leaders are often mated to such a huntress.


In theory, any Yautja is a contender for the position of Clan Leader, so long as they are in good standing according to the Honor Code. Once a young hunter becomes blooded, they can be selected by a Leader and serve as an Adjutant, a position where they are both second-in-command and student to the senior, superior Yautja. The position of Leader is implied to come from other leaders, who bestow it on their subordinates at their discretion. Either that, or an Adjutant can forcibly take the title of Leader by challenging the Leader to duel, likely to the death. Once a hunter is a Leader, they are given control of several Packs during their tenure and their prowess as a teacher may attract the attention of an Elder Predator. The Elder can then choose to promote them to the title of Clan Leader. Males or females can lead clans, but males have thus far sharply outnumbered female clan leaders, with only one being known.

However, some sources claim that Elders themselves are leaders of clans, and that they rise from the ranks of Elite Predators.[8] Once the current leader dies or abdicates their position, the remaining Elite hunters will begin vying for the open spot. The exact rules of attainment may vary from clan to clan.

Presumably, Clan Leaders are somewhat if not completely subordinate to the Elders and Ancients of Predator Society. They are also subordinate to Matriarchs, the female-exclusive "counterpart" to Clan Leaders.



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