"That guy has issues."
"No wonder he doesn't have any friends."
Lloyd' and a fellow guard (from Aliens versus Predator 2)
Cisco was a security guard at the Primary Operations Complex on LV-1201.


While sleeping in his quarters, Cisco was attacked by an escaped Xenomorph Facehugger. The kerfuffle inside his room somehow caused the door to close and lock. Cisco died when the Chestburster implanted inside him burst through his ribcage, suffering immense pain as it bit through his flesh and broke his sternum, making Cisco the first casualty of the Xenomorph outbreak.[1]

Personality and Traits

"Is it necessary to stand right in the middle of the corridor?"
Cisco, to a subordinate guard (from Aliens versus Predator 2)

Cisco was rather unfriendly and confrontational, constantly berating others for not doing their job correctly (in his opinion). He was said to have "issues" and didn't seem to have any friends.[1]



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