Chulonte[2] was an un-Blooded Yautja and a member of Dachande's clan. He took part in an initiation Hunt on Ryushi. However, when the group's ship was accidentally destroyed by Dr. Kesar Revna and their leaders incapacitated, the remaining students found themselves stranded, leaderless and facing both the Xenomorphs they had seeded and hostile humans from the colony of Prosperity Wells. The debacle ultimately led to the death of the entire Yautja party.

Chulonte was accidentally killed by Revna shortly before the doctor destroyed the group's ship, the Ne'dtessi.


He apart of Dachande's clan and one of fourteen looking to become Blooded warriors using the planet Ryushi. After Tichinde effortlessly defeats Mahnde in claw-to-claw combat, Dachande realizes that such a short battle would not satisfy his un-Blooded class' thirst for violence and blood. To that end, he considers Chulonte as his next opponent, until Tichinde directly challenges him.

Chulonte is killed by an human craft when one is spotted near their hunting grounds. It hits him in the head, and he dies an un-Blooded warrior.




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