The Chrysalis is a very large Xenomorph around the same size as a Praetorian with a greyish-green mesoskeleton and a hard, tan carapace on its head, back, and forearms. It acquired its name from the chrysalis that it is seen gestating in when it is first encountered.


The Chrysalis sometimes moves/attacks by rolling itself on the ground in a ball before proceeding along the ground. It possesses an armored head that has a pair of skull-like eyes hidden beneath the cowl.

A unique, more powerful variant of Chrysalis called the Royal Guard are also seen defending the Queen during the final battle; these have a reddish or blue coloring. They appear to shoot cylinders of acid out of their mouth and turn red when severely injured.

The Royal Guard variant's head actually extends a short distance from underneath the carapace over its head when delivering a headbite, in addition to the extension of the inner jaw.



  • In mid-2019 NECA released a figure of the Chrysalis alien that was featured in Alien vs. Predator (1994 arcade game) and is shown below in the image gallery.
  • In late 2021, NECA re-released the Chrysalis with a more film-like repaint.
  • It is the first boss encountered in the game.