Christian Gorny is a German comic book artist who provided interior art for the comic Aliens: Crusade for Dark Horse International.


Active in the German and international comics fields in the early-mid 1990s, Gorny notably provided artwork for the German-language comic series Haarmann by writer Peer Meter as part of Meter's "serial killer trilogy" from 1990-1992.

The series was published by Carlsen Verlag and told the story of real life murderer Fritz Haarmann, sometimes called Germany's most famous serial killer, who killed at least 24 young men in Hannover in between 1918 and 1924 and sold their dead bodies as meat.

Gorny's black and white artwork for the series was dark, atmospheric and expressive of the time. Though critically acclaimed, the series was cancelled after the first volume (later, in 2009 and 2010, Meter restarted the line with new artist Isabel Kreitz, completing the Haarmann story).

In 1991, Gorny worked on the German comic "ABC van de BRD" for Stripschrift. In 1992, he contributed work for the German edition of Schwermetall (Heavy Metal) #151. Gorny contributed a piece to the Comic Almanach 1992 in 1993 and also produced his creator owned comic Narcangel, published in a single collected edition by Ehapa Comic Collection.

In 1995, Gorny was chosen by acclaimed comics writer Alan Moore to work on his Outbreaks of Violets cards series. A very rare Alan Moore find nowadays, Outbreaks Of Violets was essentially a trading card set featuring the writing of Moore and a host of international artists. It was produced for the 1995 MTV Europe Music Awards as an oversized folder. Moore’s story is his take on the idea of random acts of kindness and is told through the 24 cards drawn by the various artists. That year he also illustrated Two-Gun Kid: Sunset Riders #2 for Marvel Comics with fellow A/P/AVP contributing European artist Alex Maleev.

Gorny was nominated for the Best German-language Comic Artist Award from International Comic-Salon Erlangen in 1992.

Considered one of the most versatile German comics artists, Gorny regularly contributed to such German comics magazines as U-Comix and Heavy Metal for cutting edge, adult-oriented publishing house Alpha-Comic Verlag. But the publisher was brought to bankruptcy while defending a well-publicized censorship trial over its content in the 1990s. This dealt a heavy blow to the German alternative comics scene. Gorny has also worked as an artist with several other mainstream German magazines/newspapers including Stern ("Star"), Geo and Zeitmagazin ("Time").