"Thought I was a goner"
Chris Duplis to Winter (from Aliens: Colonial Marines)
Chris Duplis was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps and part of the second Hadley's Hope detachment. He was one of the few Marine survivors of the second Hadley's Hope Xenomorph infestation of 2179.


Chris Duplis was inside Hadley's Hope fighting Xenomorphs when he found himself trapped inside one of the small room of the facilities. When Corporal Winter arrived, he quickly cut the locked door opens with his ME3 Hand Welder and as soon as Winter opened the door. Duplis was pounced on by a Lurker which Winter quickly killed, saving Duplis.


Chris was outfitted with standard issue M3 Pattern Personal Armor (with a "A DUPLIS" name tag in the top) for protection. His armor was fitted with a TNR Shoulder Lamp attachment for illumination. Chris kept a knife on his left boot. Chris was armed with an M4A3 Service Pistol.


  • This character is the in-game representation of costumer and Aliens fan Chris Duplis. Duplis was given his cameo appearance as a thank you from Gearbox Software and SEGA of America for his work promoting Aliens: Colonial Marines. His in-game appearance was modeled using his actual likeness as a reference, and is also one of the male Marine head options in Multiplayer Customization.
    • Chris Duplis, Angie Duplis and Sean Maio were the three American members of the "Aliens Legacy" fan group who were hired by SEGA of America to be characters at the official Aliens: Colonial Marines booth at the E3, Penny Arcade Expo, and various other game industry events across the U.S. from early 2010 to the game's launch in 2013
  • If the player does not shoot the Alien pouncing on Chris in time, Chris will push it off himself.
  • Although he is normally immune to any attacks (including Xenomorph ones who besides the Lurker that pounces on him will not actually attack him) killing yourself with a U4 Firebomb (including the ones fired by the U4 Firebomb Launcher) whilst close to Chris will cause him to preform a fire death animation along with the player.
  • A male player named "Duplis" is seen In one of the Bug Hunt DLC screenshots on the DLC's page in the Steam store.[1][2]