"Boone. I ain't going down without a fight. You're going to be proud of me."
Choi (from Aliens: Rogue)

Private Choi[2] was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was part of the battalion stationed at Charon Base, there to provide security for the research facility and its staff.

After making threats towards Professor Kleist, Choi was apprehended by Bergren, who shot him in the leg and left him for the Xenomorphs in the Hive adjacent to the research facility; Choi was captured by the creatures and presumably died giving birth to a Chestburster.


Early life and deployment on Charon[]

Choi was born and raised in New York City, New York.[2] After joining the Colonial Marines, he entered an extremely active physical relationship with fellow Marine Boone, who, like him, also originated from New York. Their relationship continued after they were both posted to Charon Base as part of Sergeant Green's platoon.

While Sergeant Green, Choi, Boone and several other Marines were on a Xenomorph retrieval mission in the Hive at Charon for Professor Kleist, Boone was ambushed and killed by a Drone; while the rest of the Marines managed to complete their mission and escape the Hive, Choi was devastated, and vented his fury at Kleist, whom he held responsible for Boone's death. Unfortunately, in doing so, Choi sealed his fate. Kleist ordered Larson, chief of his personal security force, to have Choi captured and thrown to the Xenomorphs, to be used as a host.


"At least you went with me."
Choi, to a dying Bergren (from Aliens: Rogue)
Choi death

Choi is taken by the Xenomorphs.

Choi was cornered by several of Larson's men in a corridor, and despite putting up a serious fight he was eventually subdued by Bergren, Larson's right-hand man. He awoke to find Bergren had dragged him into the Hive. After enduring his vile taunts, Choi attempted to stab Bergren with a concealed combat knife, but Bergren shot him in the leg, immobilizing him, before casually strolling from the Hive, still taunting Choi. However, before he could make it through the airlock door to safety, Choi killed him with a well-thrown knife to the chest. Now hearing the Xenomorphs that were coming for him and with his exit back into the base sealed, Choi retrieved his knife from Bergren's body and made a futile, and brief, last stand against the creatures. After breaking his spine, the Xenomorphs carried him off into the Hive.[1]


  • In the comic, Choi is depicted as having a flat top military-style haircut, yet in the novel he is said to have very long hair.
  • Choi does not kill Bergren in the comics; Bergren instead incapitates Choi and safely walks into the facility before the Xenomorphs take him away.