Chin was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps in 2192. He was sent on a mission to the Xenomorphs' home planet to collect a sample for the military. During the journey to the planet, The Benedict was hijacked by pirates and the marines were captured and sent to the planet to be used as "baby food." Chin and his squad had a good break in luck and managed to get weapons before mounting a rescue attempt on the hived crew. Chin perished in the ensuing rescue attempt.

On board The Benedict[]

Chin was part of a special task force sent to collect a specimen for the Terran Government for weapons research. His commanding officer was Colonel H.S. Stephens for the eighteen month long mission. Chin was aware of the plus one on the roster added by Sergent Wilks since the platoon was familiar with each other. During the hijacking, Chin was issuing out weapons to the Marines, but it was soon apparent that the feeding ramps were removed from the carbines and the pistols were sabotaged too. Some suggested using grenades, which was shot down by Chin who stated that it wasn't too bright to use grenades on a starship and have a loose grenade rupturing the hull. Colonel Stephens then ordered the Marines to the docking bay and stand by. Chin and his fellow Marines were then taken prisoner by the pirate and his androids.

Rescue Mission & Death[]

After being dropped off on the planet Chin and the rest of Squad One then reluctantly made their way towards the hive when the androids in the Air pods were attacked by flying creatures. One of the androids managed to escape the downed pod and made his way towards the hive and the waiting Marines. After taking the android hostage, and acquiring some weapons the Marines set out from the hive before they could be attacked and tried to find a way to survive and escape.

After dealing with a few more androids and arming the rest of the squad, the five Marines set off to the dropship. Unfortunately the dropship was rigged and exploded taking the Marine on point with it. Soon after the squad received a transmission from Wilks on the squad's status and that the hijackers were neutralized on the ship. Wilks was then interrupted by a crewman whose position was being overrun by xenomorphs, fortunately, he managed to activate his tracker for the Marines to follow.

The squad then made their way back into the hive to rescue the hived crewman before it was too late. As the squad made their way in, waves of defending xenomorphs attacked the squad. One managed to get it's legs clipped off by Bueller before it careened into Chin. The creature then bit down into Chin's leg and ran him through with its tail killing Chin. During a later part of the firefight some friendly fire hit Chin's remains in the head disintegrating it. The surviving members of the squad managed to escape with one crewmember.



  1. The Benedict took nine months to arrive to the planet after leaving in April 2192.
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