"Chigusa Inc., a multistellar company."
―Company slogan

The Chigusa Corproation[1] were the contractors that sold the harvest from the ranching colony Prosperity Wells on Ryushi. It was the company that employed Machiko Noguchi and Hiroki. It was one of the corporations that ran extra-solar colonies and was considered as a rival company of Weyland-Yutani. Its CEO was Takashi Chigusa.

Its main office and headquarters were located on New Osaka, and is the owner of at least two ships — the cargo ship The Lector and the Masuko Maru.


It is unknown when the company was founded, but it is likely the CEO Takashi Chigusa was one of the founders, or a descendant of one of them as his last name was also the name of the company.

Ryushi Incident

Circa the 22th century, Chigusa established a ranching colony on the planet Ryushi, called Prosperity Wells. A year later, the first export of rhynth from the colony was taking place, so the company's owner's son, Shigeru Chigusa was sent to Ryushi to personally oversee the operation.

Later, Dr. Chen received a leapwave transmission from Dr. Kesar Revna about his analysis of the dead Facehuggers. A response from director Takashi Shigusa asking Machiko Noguchi to preserve all the specimens was received just moments before Machiko decided to obliterate Prosperity Wells by crashing The Lector's orbital cargo on it.

In the aftermath of the colony's destruction, Chigusa moved the colonists to the Rigel System, a more "friendly" place, they also fired Machiko, but offered to relocate her on Earth.

Three World War

the Chigusa Corporation has a bauxite mining operation on Caparis VII, which was attacked by a group of Killer predators using Xenomorphs as attack hounds.


The company had a Xenobiology division, directed by Dr. Margaret Chen during the 22nd century.



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