Chang was a U.P.P. Commando. She was part of a group of Commandos that boarded the USS Sulaco. However, after her captain, Kurtz is subdued by a Facehugger, she, alongside Juanito retreat back to the ship with the bisected torso of Lance Bishop. After a Xenomorph infestation aboard the UPP Rodina Station, Chang became the only member of the station to escape it's nuclear destruction from the Nikolai Stoiko, though she perished from radiation poisoning shortly after, but not before saving Dwayne Hicks, Spence and Bishop from a similar incident in Anchorpoint Station.



Chang and Juanito flee the Sulaco.

After the Sulaco had its course re-routed from Gateway Station to Anchorpoint Station by Weyland-Yutani military science execs Fox and Susan Welles, the military ship had trespassed UPP territory, violating a non-aggression treaty. Chang is sent alongside fellow commandos Kurtz and Juanito in their ship the UPP Interceptor and boards the Sulaco to investigate. The group explore the interior of the Sulaco and eventually encounter the severed legs of Lance Bishop and the Hypersleep chambers containing Ripley, Newt, Hicks and Bishop. After noticing a malfunction in one of the chambers, Kurtz opens it, revealing Bishop's torso and fostering an Alien egg. The egg suddenly opens, and a Facehugger leaps out and latches onto Kurtz, causing chaos. Juanito subsequently grabs the torso of Bishop and tells Chang to get back to the Interceptor. Though Chang protests leaving her comrade behind, Juanito cites that the Sulaco is leaving UPP territory and that they have to be gone by then, lest they breach the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty between the UPP and Wey-Yu. He also notes that Kurtz would never be able to pass quarantine. As such, the two retreat back to the ship and leave Kurtz behind.

After returning to the UPP station Rodina, Chang is seen with Colonel-doctor Suslov alongside the torso of Bishop hooked up to a mainframe. Using Bishops' data-banks, Suslov projects a holographic image of a Facehugger and asks Chang it had attacked them, to which Chang answers with yes. Suslov then asks the same question after projecting an image of an adult Xenomorph, who Chang, to her shock, responds with no.


Chang returning Bishop, unamused by Tatsumi's jeering.

Members of Anchorpoint Station later retrieve the Chestburst corpse of Kurtz. Suslov and other U.P.P officials demand that the station conducts a mutual exchange, returning them Kurtz in exchange for a repaired Bishop android. As, representative Rosetti feigns ignorance to holding Kurtz, Chang is sent on the Interceptor to return Bishop, giving Anchorpoint no grounds for retaining Kurtz, and increasing tensions between the two stations Chang reaches the docking bay and allows a fully-repaired Bishop to return. Chang remains silent to Anchorpoint member Tatsumi's jeers, and later takes her leave.


UPP officials later attempt to use Xenomorph genetic material retrieved from fragments of Bishop's torso to grow their own bio-weapon. However, the project goes awry, and the escaped Xenomorph plunges Rodina into complete chaos, slaughtering and harvesting its inhabitants. In the aftermath of the slaughter, Chang is seen cradling the corpse of a fellow UPP member and singing a Cantonese lullaby, before wandering the barren halls of Rodina. She is later seen being chased by a Xenomorph. Chang reaches the docking bay and her ship the Interceptor and takes off, mere moments after the station is nuked by the battle-freighter Nikolai Stoiko.

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Chang dying from radiation poisoning as Hicks sits beside her.

Chang subsequently pilots the Interceptor to Anchorpoint and saves Hicks, Bishop and Spence from an attacking Xenomorph. After the survivors board the ship and take off towards the colonist ship Kansas City, it is revealed by Bishop that an unconscious Chang is dying from radiation poisoning, and that her sacrifice will unite humanity together against the Xenomorph threat.


Chang was unquestioningly loyal to the UPP. She seemed easygoing and close with her UPP comrades and was largely stoic in the face of Weyland-Yutani rivals.



  • In William Gibson's original script, Chang is not named, and is instead referred to as a "young Vietnamese woman".



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