"I think we may have broken our losing streak."
Foster (from Alien: Isolation)

Catherine Foster[1] was a crewmember aboard the USCSS Anesidora. She was the wife of Henry Marlow, the Anesidora's captain. Foster was serving on the ship during its fateful voyage in 2137 when it discovered the derelict ship on LV-426, an incident that ultimately unleashed a Xenomorph infestation on Sevastopol Station and led to the destruction of both the station and the Anesidora.

Foster was the crewmember who was attacked and impregnated by a Facehugger, and as such it was her and her husband that unwittingly started the Alien infestation aboard Sevastopol. She died when the Chestburster erupted from her chest.


Find of a lifetime

"Marlow, it... It's a life form."
Foster, regarding the Pilot (from Alien: Isolation)
Before the Sevastopol incident, the Anesidora and its crew were becoming increasingly run down, and the vessel was in desperate need of a major — and very expensive — overhaul.[3] However, after recovering the Nostromo's flight recorder from deep space, Marlow saw the black box as his key to a major payday. Hoping to locate the Nostromo itself and salvage its wreck, Marlow had his crew access the box and extrapolate the flight data it contained. Following this led the Anesidora to LV-426; the crew picked up the transmission coming from the derelict ship on the surface and, mistaking it for a distress signal coming from the Nostromo, went to investigate.[4]

After setting down on the moon, Marlow, Foster, Heyst and Meeks set out on foot to locate the source of the signal, stumbling upon the derelict. Their investigation within the derelect eventually led Marlow, Foster and Heyst down into the derelict's cargo hold, where they discovered the same Xenomorph Eggs that Kane had stumbled upon fifteen years before. Within minutes, Foster was attacked by a Facehugger.

Harbinger of death

"Maybe the doctors will give her the all-clear and things can get back to normal."
Heyst, regarding Foster's condition (from Alien: Isolation)
Desperate to help his wife, Marlow placed Foster in hypersleep and rushed her to the nearest settlement for medical help — Sevastopol Station. Despite the parasite growing inside her, he was able to get her aboard in contravention of standard quarantine regulations thanks to Sinclair, the chief of Seegson Security on the station,[4] who was involved in the rampant smuggling operations on the dilapidated station. Once on Sevastopol, Foster was tended to by Dr. Lingard, who quickly discovered the parasite growing inside her. Unable even to identify the alien creature, there was little Lingard could do, and within 24 hours the Chestburster hatched, killing Foster and triggering the infestation that would ultimately destroy Sevastopol.

Amanda Ripley later discovered Foster's corpse in the San Cristobal Medical Facility; the fact it was located in the operating theater implies the medical staff may have been preparing an attempt to surgically remove the Chestburster at the moment she died.

Personality and Traits

"Marlow had an even better idea: Extrapolate the path of the flight recorder to try to find the wreck of the Nostromo. We got lucky, found a distress signal and now we're following it. This is it. I can feel it in my bones. He always said he'd do right by me."
Foster, regarding the signal detected on LV-426 (from Alien: Isolation)
Foster was a kind-hearted and adventurous woman who always believed that her husband would bring her and the rest of the Anesidora crew good fortune. With the team barely scraping by and in need of a major salvage haul, she considered the discovery of the Nostromo black box the big find they had been waiting for. Foster was also witty and unfazed by her male crewmates' often boisterous and crude behavior, often delivering a snappy comeback for the taunts and jokes.


  • As Foster was the first person to be impregnated on Sevastopol, it has been suggested that the Xenomorph that came from her may have been the Queen responsible for breeding all the other Xenomorphs on the station (although no Queen is ever seen in game, Creative Assembly have confirmed one was present and responsible for all the other creatures present).[5]




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