Doctor Catherine Fortune was the host of a Queen chestburster that she had been impregnated with at Mount Erebus during an expedition to Antarctica in 1928. The Queen Chestburster never spawned from her as its final growth stage was retarded by a mild case of dry leprosy that she had contracted on an earlier expedition.

She refused attempts to remove the Queen chestburster and it enhanced her physiology by heightening her instincts and reflexes while also causing her to become significantly faster, fitter and stronger than a regular human as well as greatly increasing her longevity.



Her encounter with Xenomorphs in Antarctica occurred near the beginning of World War I and due to her condition the military took an interest in her which has been her line of work ever since as she had lived into the 21st century whilst retaining not only her youth (despite her now grey hair) but also the above mentioned physiological enhancements.


According to her she represents a farsighted global cabal of politicians, industrialists and religious leaders who are covertly looking for ways to develop superhero deterrents.

She experimented using her own altered DNA and successfully created Spliced Xenomorphs that instinctually deferred to her and also used the DNA of supervillains from Arkham Asylum to create a team of five sentient Spliced Xenomorph hybrids using biomatter from Harvey Dent (Two-Face), The Joker, Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy), Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow) and Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze). Having added her own DNA in their creation, these five Xenomorph hybrids also deferred to her and were fully sentient, capable of fluent speech and were also combat trained to contemporary military standards, besting special forces personnel from the militaries of various nations.

The Xenomorph hybrids were killed when Dr. Fortune tested them against Batman during a fight on an off-shore oil rig, with a sixth Xenomorph hybrid created from Killer Croc's DNA being accidentally roused by gunfire and breaking free from it's containment.

She was killed when the enormous Killer Croc Xenomorph hybrid she had created decapitated her with a headbite after mistakenly believing it would not harm her, thinking it would imprint on her and recognise her as it's mother as the other Xenomorph hybrids she created had done whilst strangely not placing any importance on the fact that she had only added her DNA in the development of the first five Xenomorph hybrids she had created and not the Killer Croc Xenomorph hybrid.



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