Cats, known taxonomically as Felis catus, are small predatory mammals native to Earth that have been domesticated by humans who have created various breeds.



Cats come in a variety of breeds, therefore displaying a variety of appearances. However, they are all quadrupedal, relatively small, with digitigrade hind legs, claws, and a skeleton designed for spring-loaded actions and flexibility. Most cats have fur, but some breeds lack it. While the majority of cats have tails, some are simply born with bobbed tails.

They are descended from Eastern Wildcats.


There is no general temperament for an adult cat. While all kittens are playful, curious, and "talkative", adults are very much individuals and unlike dogs, who inherently have certain personality traits, cats are largely the product of their surroundings with nature having a less profound effect on an individual's demeanor. Feral cats will not trust humans and may act aggressively towards other strange cats. Owned cats maintain a certain neoteny, meowing even in adulthood, something feral cats do not do. They also tend to be more sociable, particularly with cats they grew up with, although a mother cat will eventually grow intolerant of her offspring once they reach a certain age.

Aside from their individual personalities, cats are also driven by instinct. Unlike dogs, their instincts have been untouched by selective breeding and there is little to no variation in it seen among breeds. If prey runs, a cat will chase. If they see prey they cannot reach, they will chitter and wiggle as if to pounce. Cats are loosely social animals with a matriarchal structure. They use their ears, tails, and vocalizations to express emotion as well as touch and certain facial expressions.

Relationship with Humans[]

Cats and humans have varied relationship history with humans. In some parts of a world, they were welcomed visitors to rid farms of mice and other crop-destroying pests. They were revered and worshiped in Ancient Egypt, called "Maus", after the sound they make (this eventually became a breed of its own, the Egyptian Mau). Cats were often associated with grace, poise, and femininity. Black cats were associated with witchcraft and it wasn't uncommon for women owning cats to be suspected of witchcraft, with both them and their cats being burned alive.

While some stigma against black cats still exists, the cat is generally regarded as a companion animal of the lap variety.

Relationship with Xenomorphs[]

A facehugger is able to utilize a cat as a suitable host.

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