"Hello, Casey."
Ripley (from Aliens)
Newt with Casey

Newt with Casey's head.[1]

Casey was a doll that belonged to Rebecca "Newt" Jorden.[1] During the Xenomorph infestation of Hadley's Hope, Casey was reduced to just a head and became Newt's only "companion".[2] After the arrival of the Colonial Marines from the USS Sulaco, Newt was captured by a Warrior, dropping Casey's head in the sewers of the colony.[1]


"And who is this, hmm?"
Ripley and Newt
Casey sinking

Casey's head sinking in the sewers.

During the Hadley's Hope colonists' last and futile stand against the Xenomorphs, Newt lost Casey while trying to escape through the air ducts with her family.[2] After Newt lost her family to the Xenomorphs, Newt managed to find Casey's head.[2] Casey became her only "companion" until the arrival of the United States Colonial Marines from the USS Sulaco sent to investigate the situation on-world.[1] In the sewers of Hadley's Hope, Newt dropped Casey's head when she was captured by a Warrior and it was the only thing Ellen Ripley and Corporal Dwayne Hicks found when Hicks finished cutting a grate leading to the sewers.[1] The head then began to sink into the water as more Xenomorphs forced Ripley and Cpl. Hicks to leave.[1] Casey's head was left behind when Lance Bishop, Hicks, Ripley and Newt fled the planet when the Atmosphere Processing Plant exploded.[1] It is likely Casey was not completely destroyed when the Processor blew, as the sewers were found to be intact when Cpl. Christopher Winter from the USS Sephora visited them 17 weeks later.[3]

Non-canon deceptions

Aliens: Colonial Marines

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Casey in ACM

Discovering Casey's head.

Casey's head can be found in the sewers of Hadley's Hope in Aliens: Colonial Marines and discovering it will unlock the trophy/achievement "Mostly Come at Night...". There doesn't seem to be any reasonable explanation as to how the head ended up sitting on top of a barrel in a different part of the sewers than were it was in the film. Additionally, the head is incredibly large, far larger than its depiction in the movie.


  • To promote Aliens: Colonial Marines, Casey doll heads were sent to numerous people.[4]



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